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The Poison Bed: A Novel Kindle Edition

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Odle with a cutie A snippet for your perusal but the last sentence says it allHave you not reason then to bee ashamed and to forbeare this filthie noveltie so basely grounded so foolishly received and so grossely mistaken in the right use thereof In your abuse thereof sinning against God harming your selves both in persons and goods and raking also thereby the markes and notes of vanitie upon you by the custome thereof making your selves to be wondered at by all forraine civil Nations and by all strangers that come among you to be scorned and contemned A custome lothsome to THE EYE HATEFULL TO THE NOSE HARMEFULL TO THE eye hatefull to the Nose harmefull to the dangerous to the Lungs and in the blacke stinking fume thereof "NEEREST RESEMBLING THE HORRIBLE STIGIAN SMOKE "resembling the horrible Stigian smoke the pit that is bottomelesseNo James wasn t railing against homosexuality which he may or may not have indulged in he was railing against smoking That both author and ditors could make so colossal a blunder sparked my curiosity There are plenty of other mistakes Designing for Magazines estranged Earl s and Countesses don t askach other to pass the bread to make small talk during dinner they have servants for that What I wondered were Fremantle s sources if she missed details both great and small Under Author s Notes just a single book is mentioned as a source a stunning lack of historical interest and indifference Unsurprisingly then the Poison Bed is littered with presentism independent women with modern sensibilities sexually obsessed men in their thrall who also get ahead by courting their monarch or possibly murdering former male lovers who might make waves A regular Roman bacchanalia those Stuarts Mind this is the period when Puritans and Calvinists were ascendent and most The Wild Side empowered to contest religious laxity or moral turpitudeWorst of all is the structure of dual narrators Him and Her Frances and Richard telling their tale or conning their con It s taken I suppose from Gone Girl that awful clunker that found a huge audience and had publishers swooning and salivating forver since I would gladly acknowledge they ve found it in The Poison Bed which has much in common with that stilted stinker from five years ago wooden dialogue padded writing and a very modern sensibility The reader though was promised historical fiction Both author and publisher have failed completely to deliver anything worthy of the name Under Acknowledgments the author claims she is so pleased by the design that she gladly have her book judged by its cover Very wise Ms Fremantle The content is awful From the write up I thought I would thoroughly njoy this book but I couldn t have been wrong I found that characters were one dimensional and that there was a lack of depth in descriptions The language grated with me and the use of terms like the Essex crowd made it sound like TOWIE than well researched historical fiction I gave up on it after only 20% which is almost unknown for me A great disappointment gripping book which i loved I bought this one. R husband Robert Kept apart Frances can only tell her side of the story How did she come to be here Can she somehow prove her innocence And what lengths will she go to to save herself 'Engaging vivid and revelling in historical detail' Sarah Perry bestselling aut. Great book The nding was terrible and I didn t like King James he was horrible with Tombland everyonespecially with young men he was a perv 25 stars This is an interesting book if you are looking for sexual misadventures in King James I times If you are looking for historical accuracy or good writing this would not be the book for you According to the author s pilogue she spent an amazing amount of time in research by reading ONE book Wow The book is riddled with historical inaccuracies and improbabilities Told by a husband and a wife in alternating chapters it concerns the murder of the husband s friend Thomas while he is incarcerated in the Tower of London The husband Robin Carr and supposedly King James favorite boy toy He becomes infatuated by Frances Howard and moves mountains to have her including a divorce a murder influence selling and other tawdry acts One of the couple is one of the stupidest people on arth and one is one of the vilest What a match up There s literally nothing these two won t do to get ahead including a really gross threesome The alternating chapters are fine but the author goes between first and third person within the same chapter and that is disconcerting I believe there used to be copy Cuckolded! Taken By My Husbands Bully editors in the book publishing world but apparently that position no longerxists I think of all the great books that wouldn t have Competitive Strategy: Techniques for Analyzing Industries and Competitors existed without a great copyditor like To Kill A Mockingbird and mourn the loss of that position in the book publishing world This book could have used a guiding hand or ten This could have been a really interesting story if it had been researched better written and read less like a story from The National Enuirer As it is it is a disappointment I read this book in a couple of days so it must be good It took me a while to work out what was going on but was still shocked by the final denouement As far as historical fiction goes this is an xcellent read but how anyone survived amidst the intrigue within the Jacobean "court is another matter I seldom put down a book but sadly I could not get into this story Elizabeth "is another matter I seldom put down a book but sadly I could not get into this story Elizabeth hasn t bothered to inform herself in the least about Jacobean court manners or habits To whit in the first 25 pages of The Poison Bed the author has King James I in his apartments with Richard Carr courtier and apparent boy toy preparing him for a tuck in During their xchange the royal sueeze prepares lights and smokes a pipe in between kisses with his king Had she made the most cursory Wiki search Fremantle would have discovered A Counterblaste to Tobacco one of the most vituperative attacks against smoking Dream Fossil ever made and written 10 yearsarlier than the period when our tale begins By whom

You Ask Why King 
ask Why King I the monarch who is getting smoke blown in his face whilst he French kisses Richard Carr This passivity by a man who regarded himself as God s infallible representative on arth The annointed of God s Will apparently put up with any disgusting indignity to cano. 'A gripping psychological thriller Readers will be awake deep into the night trying to untangle the truth' The Times 'Books of the Year' Autumn 1615 Frances Carr is imprisoned in a cold lightless room She is accused of murder In a cell nearby is her co accused he. Because the subject and the blurb Gone Girl meets The Miniaturist intrigued "MeTwo Years Ago I "years ago i Gone girl and it is still one of my favorite moviesI ve also read The Miniaturist It was the first book i managed to complete since giving birth last year and it was a good oneAlso this is not my first book by E C Fremantle I ve aslo read her book ueen s Gambit about Katherine Parr s marriage to Henry VIIISo i figured The Poison Bed Couldn t fail In fact it xeeded my Web Marketing For Dummies expectationsI will notxplain the structure of the novel because it will give a spoilerI will only say that the story is told from two points of view That of Robert Carr the king s favorite and that of Frances Howard a member of the powerfull Howard familyThis book made me work Meaning Wikipedia became a constant companion in trying to understand who s whoThe court factions involved in the plot have grudges one with the other going back centuries and an active reading is reuiredI knew about the Overbury poisoning from The Murder in the Tower The Story of Frances Countess of Essex A Novel of the Stuarts Book 3 by Jean Plaidy That is a good book to understand the complexities of the case and get a firm grasp of the basic The Undesirables events That one was written long ago and is a part of her Stuart novels Plaidy has written about any English Monarch since William the conueror but her books never read like thrillers The poison Bed does It really reminded me of Gone Girl in that regard I love the twists in this work and all together love all of her books Such a great way to bring history alive This is a fabulous read as well as being a handsome book to hold It s an intriguing story cleverly woven by the author into a double account of the tale with interesting chapters of Him and Her It s a page turner with much to think about as their are many twists the reader has to grapple with It s a real treat and beautifully written ECFremantle has really got into her stride and I look forward to reading from her in the future I remember reading Anne Somerset sxcellent history book Unnatural Murder years ago so I was looking forward to this fictional retelling of the same vents The scandalous poisoning which occurred during the reign of James of the same vents The scandalous poisoning which occurred during the reign of James and for which one of the King s favourites was accused is ideal material for an historical thrillerso it was greatly disappointing to discover what a dull read this isThe story doesn t ven get going until well over two hundred pages in and ven then it hardly ualifies as thrilling The dialogue is anachronistic the characterisation vague and two dimensional and the even then it hardly ualifies as thrilling The dialogue is anachronistic the characterisation vague and two dimensional and the is often confusing sudden shifts in location in who is speaking names introduced with little Neko explanation I knew the basic facts and I still found myself lost at times I m sorry to say that I cannot recommend this if you are interested in the historical case which inspired this novel I can only urge you to pick up Anne Somerset s Unnatural Murder instead that s a farntertaining read. Hor of The Essex Serpent 'The Miniaturist meets Gone Girl Gripping and full of surprises' BBC History 'Books of the Year' 'A tale of intrigue and ambition this is a rich and fascinating book ' Guardian 'Immaculately detailed dark clever and compulsive' Daily Mail.

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 The Poison Bed: 'Gone Girl meets The Miniaturist' (191 POCHE) (English and French Edition)
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