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The only reason it s 2 stars is because it was a semi interesting plot HoweverHOLY COMMAS BATMANThe woman does not know how to write a normal sentence unless it s dialogue She d have these sentences with about 10 no oke I counted one modifying phrases all contained within commas It was so distracting that when I finally got around to the end of the original thought I couldn t remember what she was talking about So I d have to read the beginning of the sentence skip the crud in commas then read the end So much clearer And the most annoying thing was that most of the time the stuff wasn t even relevant And a few times it didn t even make senseIf you feel you can ignore all that the whole way through the book please be my guest and read a cute story Well I must say this I should thank Rane for recommending and giving this book such a nice review If not for her this book would still be in my to read listTo be totally honest I prefer books written in a conversational type examples are Julia uinn Sidney Sheldon and Thea Harrison books These books uses words that are easy to understand and can be used in everyday life On the other hand this is the type of book where I have to pay attention every freaking word because the wordings are kinda deep and hard Example of books like this are Lord of the Rings The Fault in our stars and The Prince of Thorns which are AMAZING books But despite the difficulty this book still rocked meThe first thing that caught my attention was the cover of the book I know I know One shouldn t Thrones, Dominations judge a book by its cover but old habits die hard Myudgement didn t disappoint me The book was spectacular and I was hooked from the very beginning until the end I love Anna s kindness and purity and you can t hate the heck out of her I Hela Cnau just because she s nice RupertRupertRupert Enough saidIt should also be noted that I m curious as to what happened to the other characters Like Sergei or Petya I want my own Sergei And Petya is an interesting characterSo if you want to read something light and refreshing do READ this bookTwo thumbs up for Miss Eva Ibbotson for a wonderful book Speaking of which Reviewed by Amber Gibson for TeensReadToocomAnna Grazinsky is a member of the Russian aristocracy or White Russians during the Russian Revolution Her family is forced to flee from their comfortable life in Russia to England where they are safe from the revolutionaries But in England the Grazinskys are left with nothing Anna has a very resilient spirit and instead of moping around and wishing for her old life she is grateful for the safety of her family and secretly takes aob as a maid so that her little brother can still attend school With her take charge attitude Anna proves that not all rich girls are snobby brats like modern heiresses lead us to believe While many of the servants at the Westerholme residence are skeptical of the new foreign girl Anna uickly charms her way into their hearts With her deep curtsies bright smile and cheerful deme I love Eva Ibbotson and I nearly always think her characters are delightful and her stories lovely That was true for this book as well I freuently recommend her books to my enthusiastic readers and to parents reading aloud with their elementary aged children She s my favorite of all the authors I ve discovered in the last few years But I couldn t help MY STOMACH CHURNING AT THE UNNECESSARILY stomach churning at the unnecessarily descriptions of the unpleasant family the Herrings these descriptions depended almost completely on their fatness as a symbol of their stupidity sualor and generally disgusting natures I mean eez Ms Ibbotson Here s an example from the first time we meet them Melvyn sighed and looked at his obese and pallid offspring sitting on either side of the sticky kitchen table reading comics Donald was methodically sucking a long black stick of licorice into his mouth Dennis was licking at a dribbling bar of toffee Like certain caterpillars whose short lives are dedicated to simply achieving the maximum possible increase in size the twins seem to have done nothing but eat and burst out twins seem to have done nothing but eat and burst out their clothes since they were born Watching them Melvyn had to abandon another of his half formed schemes that of smuggling them to Mersham in a cello case in the guard s van Even a doublebass case would not take mor than half of either of his sons That s fully a uarter of their first entrance in the book as they re minor characters The next time they intrude on the book for two pages many chapters later we get Melvyn rose and opened the door of the adjoining room Owing to an unfortunate spot of bother with the sheriffs the twins were sleeping in a mattress on the floor Dennis was lying on his back his full lipped mouth hung open and as he breathed the mucus in his nose bubbled softly like soup Beside him lay Donald apparently overcome by sleep in the act of eating a dripping sandwich the dismembered remains of which lay smeared across his face Melvyn stood looking down at the swollen cheeks the pendulous chins and bulging arms of his offspring and his fatherhood never a sturdy plant withered and died Meat he said wearily to himself That s all they are Just blobs of meat And in fact that s what the author has made them to be for these are the only descriptions of their characters that we get They re thoroughly effectively dehumanized and they re children We haven t seen them doing anything cruel even anything stupid and yet we know that these twins are both revolting and to blame for their miserable state Their fatness isn t ust a trait it s a moral failing a character flaw and symbolic of their general nastiness and lack of worth compared to other children in the book I thought these descriptions were simply hateful and cruel I mean my goodness how many fat readers of all ages do you know I m one and so are some of my diverse group of dedicated readers at my school How much do they deserve to come across this on top of all the other body hating Jace's Pet junk that gets thrown at them from school pinch tests to Seventeen magazine And how valuable is it for other kids to hear one throwaway remark that fat kids are lazy smelly and eat all the time In other generations my students might have had to read the above sort of paragraph with savage characters of color whose race stood in for character flaws The difference is that those casually racist descriptions are now generally recognized if not debated and discussed by teachers librarians and readers Does that mean that we keep copies of those books out of kids hands Of course not But we do give kids the tools to loo. After the Russian revolution turns her world topsy turvy Anna a young Russian Countess has no choice but to flee to England Penniless Anna hides her aristocratic background and takes aob as servant in the household of the esteemed Westerholme fa. .
Loyal to her despite knowing her failings Honour huhMy favorite characters after the h Baskerville the snobbish but adorable dog her handsome cousin Sergei and brave little Ollie He must have swallowed Debrett s Peerage when he was a pup Slowly Anna put up a hand to his muzzle and began to scratch that spot behind the ear where large dogs keep their souls Final review first posted on wwwFantasyLiteraturecom not that this is a fantasy novel but Ibbotson also wrote a lot of fantasyAs a Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer enthusiast I m always on the lookout for historical novels in that mold with manners a little romance and lots of deliciously witty dialogue I previously was familiar with Eva Ibbotson solely from her 1994 children s fantasy The Secret of Platform 13 in which a magical door at Platform 13 of King s Cross Station in London opens every nine years for a nine day period leading to a delightful kingdom where humans mermaids giants hags nymphs and other magical creatures live The similarities to Platform 9 in JK Rowling s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer s Stone published three years later did not go unnoticed but Ibbotson held no grudges When I found that Ibbotson also wrote some historical romances I had to give one of them a try A Countess Below Stairs recently republished and renamed The Secret Countess is an appealing historical romance Anna Grazinsky lives a charmed life as a child in Russia in the early 1900s When her father Count Grazinsky dies in World War I and her wealthy family is threatened in the Russian Revolution Anna now age eighteen her mother and her younger brother escape from Russia and take refuge in England They give their priceless The Mistake (Off-Campus, jewels to the children s nanny to smuggle out of Russia but she disappears without a trace leaving the family destitute So when they settle in England Anna insists on taking aob as a housemaid to help make ends meet and enable her brother to get an education With the help of a massive volume entitled The Domestic Servant s Compendium which Anna studies religiously Anna is certain she can be a model housemaid She convinces the butler and head housekeeper at Westerholme to give her a chance on a temporary basisWhen Rupert the Earl of Westerholme since the death of his older brother returns home from World War I he is attracted by Anna s charm and personality but he s also about to be married to an extremely wealthy young lady Miss Muriel Hardwicke Muriel is uite beautiful and initially seems uite nice though how nice can she really be with a name like that Nothing is depressing then the dreaded Reader Slump that not even your favorite authors can pull you out of That was me Piraten! just floating along after reading back to back amazing books everythingust sorta fell flat for me That is by chance I stumbled on A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson Taking place in a period I m not very fond of early 1900 s I was a tad leery of taking a chance I m so thankful that I did Ibbotson writes magic in her pages True whimsical nostalgic magic in each word and description from the riches of palaces to the humble kitchens There was true magic in each page and characters Young Countess Anna has lost alot in her young life from her beloved father her home but she hasn t lost her faith in her family and love Anna is the tree that may bend but doesn t break as she take a ob working as a maid in a old home She has her own troubles to work with but it s her gentle strength and huge amount of kindness that keeps her shining like a bright star It s this kindness that helps the new Earl of Westerholme Rupert as he return from war suddenly engaged to a hidden shrew Rupert feels are truly conflict as he starts to discover what his fianc e is all about and not being able to be with the Anna Now there is some misunderstandings and unneeded IMO tension but this time it didn t bother me one bit What did bother me was the thinking of some people at the time bother me was the thinking of some people at the time turned my stomach Was it historical accurate Yes sadly But how can we not learn if not from the past and the wrongs done by and if not from the past and the wrongs done by and others History isn t there for us to become bored with in the classroom or take bits and pieces from but to show us the bad so we can change it for good Ibbostson wonderful storytelling broke this reader s slump and yet brought a touch of magic that I won t soon forget I found myself not really giving a shit what happened to Anna It s frustrating when an author writes a completely perfect character Anna was an unspoiled gracious child and is a captivating gracious adult Everyone cannot help but be drawn to her beautiful spirit and beautiful face Except for the evil sure to become a total Nazi fiancee of Anna s love interest The romance kind of irritated me too I understand it is at its heart a romance novel but how much interaction did she really have with Rupert before they totally fell in love I mean besides the fact that she s totally flawless and anybody would
be an idiot 
an idiot to fall in love with her right Oh and you know nobility too She can t ust be any old trash off the street I m not a totally cynical person I like romance and happy endings but this The Complete Guide To Surfing Your Best just felt too forced I enjoyed this familiar romance tropes but intelligently applied and with a keen sense of time and place and detail from an angle less and less known I suspect to many younger 21st C American readers The tale does not feel to me to be about events of a whole century ago but I realize somewhat bemusedly that they now are The social setting actually utterly alien to me in real life is as they say still strangely familiar from dozens of beloved books both from the period or attempting to recapture itThe actual plot was fairly frothy yet the underlying background was anything but Horrible things may have happened to the protagonists in their recent pasts but they are not made horrible by them The antagonist characters who are uite horrible bring it with them in their own hearts and minds The ending was too well set up to be called deus ex machina but the way the cross connecting cosmicustice needs of the assorted characters played out was entirely satisfying The page turning uestion in romance is not what will happen we know that or else the tale would have to be described by some other term but how and the how made me grinGranted the central couple do not solve their own problems but are rescued by others and the discursive omniscient style is a little emotionally distancing This is not a defect so much as an aspect By way of trade off the reader gets a wider angle of view Ta Matters worse Rupert appears to be falling for her as well As their attraction grows stronger Anna finds it and difficult to keep her most dearly held secrets from unraveling And then there's the small matter of Rupert's beautiful and nasty fianc?. A Countess Below StairsK critically at those descriptions and recognize them as dated and ignorant and the culture has changed to the extent that they can spot them independently Unfortunately the fat hating powers of our cultures are still going strong on the widely held belief that fat is unpleasant at best and a moral flaw at worst and I haven t found many texts that counteract this kind of ignorance I From Tree Dwellings To New Towns just wish an author I respect hadn t perpetuated it so unnecessarily This is one of my favorite romances with one of my all time favorite authorsNo bodice ripping panting suirming lady parts etcust a sweet witty well written and often humorous romance with a great hero and heroine and a cast of secondary characters that add depth to the storyAnna You will see Pinny it will be all right Already I have found a most beautiful book in your sister s room It is called The Domestic Servant s Compendium by Selina Strickland and it has two thousand and three pages and in it I shall find out everything Miss Pinfold tried to smile Anna had always been in possession of a most beautiful book a volume of Lermontov from her father s library a Dickens novel read during the white nights of summer when she should have been asleepAnna is the daughter of two incredibly wealthy Russians Her father was killed during WWI and she her mother little brother and British Nanny escaped to England She s decided she has to go into service to help support her younger brother who knows nothing about her sacrifice For Downton Abbey fans the look is very similar but the estate she goes to is in need of refurbishing and there is an astonishing lack of distance between the upstairs and the downstairsThe estate is being prepared for the heir s return Death taxes made it inevitable that the estate would be sold and what s left of the family and the servants are devastated They are ecstatic to hear that Rupert is engaged to a wealthy heiress so all is saved Unfortunately Rupert a truly nice guy can t recall HOW he came to be engaged to the all too beautiful all too perfect Muriel One minute he s an injured soldier the next he s an engaged manMuriel Only Muriel herself gravitating naturally to the ornate mirrors in the plush Mayfair mansion where she grew up was not surprised at the flawlessness of the image which greeted her It was as though she knew from the start that she was not like other children She hated to be dirty could not bear mess or torn clothes and once when a stray kitten brought in by the cook scratched her hands she shut herself in the nursery and refused to come out until it was removed She had reached a full breasted and acne less adolescence when her mother as though she knew she could do no for her lovely daughter contracted pneumonia and diedAs Anna and the rest of the servants get the estate ready it becomes obvious to everyone that Anna is not as she seems As Rupert tries to resolve his ever increasing gloom over his pending marriage with perfect Muriel he finds out about AnnaThe cast of characters includes Rupert s doting mother who trieslikes to commune with spirits the loyal and long suffering Butler who will do anything to preserve the estate his foul tempered pottery throwing mother the Kosher Jewish family that still can t understand why these snooty British nobles have embraced them so whole heartedly Baskerville the mastiff sweet young and lame Ollie daughter of Rupert s closest friend a bottom pinching old Uncle Muriel s snooty and desperate bridesmaids Sergei their handsome chauffeur and When she meets Proom the butler Proom sighed and glanced at Mrs Bassenthwaite who lightly shook her head For the girl s accent with its rolling r s and lilting intensity uite failed to disguise her educated voice as did the shabby coat and skirt the grace of her movements Inexperienced was bad foreign was worse but a lady This time the agency had gone too farAfter NOT getting pinched by Uncle Sebastien Anna coming down half an hour later fearful of a reprimand was greeted by an interested cluster of faces The Russian girl was flushed and she was muttering beneath her breath He grabbed you then said Peggy Well I warned you No no he did not touch me said Anna absently Then the full impact of what she had ust said hit her It is because I am not pretty she said tragically And Mrs Park who had taken less than twenty four hours to forget that Anna was a foreigner and a lady said Now don t be foolish dear Just drink your tea On the downside is Murial and her mentor a Eugenics Fraud A Cruel Moment For A cruel moment for a ball with a true Cinderella moment and deception on the part of Proom and a little failure to communicate keep the romance movingEva Ibbotson s writing is funny witty and often ironicI know I m not doing ustice to the book How unfair that I can unleash a rant like there is no tomorrow that says exactly what I want it to say but when it comes to a real gold star book I am stuckIt is called both The Secret Countess and Countess Below StairsTime for a re read A solid 425 star bookSuch wonderful writing by this new to me author I soaked in each and every word every turn of phrase happily She ought to be writing heavier stuff Not have her work placed along with the other contemporarily written anachronistic and modern HRsI read it about a month ago so won t delve too deep into the happenings But let me say that the h a poor and plain Russian emigre a princess turned maid is one of the best and strongest character I ve recently read about She pulls you in takes you along on her poignant but heartening ourney as she makes a place for herself in a household in hearts She wins heart both above and below stairs because her sisters are everywhere in Russian literature Natasha who left her ballroom and shining youth to nurse her mortally wounded prince Sonia the street girl who followed Raskalnikov into exile in Siberia and gave that poor tormented devil the only peace he ever knew And such an interesting period Royalty has fallen around Europe and now the nobility is following It s the time for the Americans the merchant class and the nouveau riche to call the shotsThe secondary characters are all amazing a dramatic and yet simpler Downton Abbey The servants the neighbors the friends THE H S FAMILY AND THE h s family and the club are all very well fleshed out Only the H makes you sigh And not in a good wayWish we could make do without him or change him Or then lets ust ignore the spineless and clueless sod It wouldn t affect the impact of the story muchThe ow is super ow y and weird with it And he s super. Mily armed only with an outdated housekeeping manual and sheer determination Desperate to keep her past a secret Anna is nearly overwhelmed by her new duties not to mention her instant attraction to Rupert the handsome Earl of Westerholme To make.