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Feminisms: A Global History


From the book Feminism Best understood as an overlapping internally complex set of actions uestions and demands that has been in formulation since the 18th Century or even earlier It concerns change over timeFeminism is an ongoing story of profound transformation Despite it being devalued it still strongly advocates women s ights on the grounds of euality of sexes In this much needed book the author takes us through a wonderful and uniue look on Feminism It not only covers the entry point but it also throws light on limits Covers examples from various countries including
Egypt Germany and Russia to a few What is Feminism How and Why was it developed Journey of Feminism What does Feminism mean GloballyA very well written and enlightening book Lucy Delap s accessible and compelling Feminisms A Global History does not attempt the impossible task of writing a complete global history of feminism but instead picks up on a series of themes in feminist history anging from dreams to dress to actions and themes in feminist history Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World ranging from dreams to dress to actions and from modern feminist activists and movements to explore how feminist thought and action was shaped internationally Delap deliberately uses the term feminismsather than feminism to emphasise the multiplicity of women s movements across the globe and also frames this as mosaic feminism women may have been using some of the same inherited pieces but they formed different patterns And indeed the very first chapter emphasises that one big problem for contemporary feminism might be the inability to accommodate disagreement citing feminist philosopher Iris Marion Young we need to wake up to the challenge of understanding across difference The Infinite Air rather than keep on dreaming about common dreams Not all the activists Delap writes about would even have called themselves feminists but they still contributed to a wider history of political action that centred women s needsWhat I found so valuable about Delap s approach to writing about global feminisms was that non Western feminisms are not treated simply as an add on to familiar Western histories we aren t simply told that there were also feminist activists and organisations elsewhere Instead Delap illuminates how African Latin American and Asian feminists transformed feminist thought and challenged Western priorities The Bengali writer Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain published her utopian text Sultana s Dream in 1905 which depicted Ladyland a world where women and men could interact as euals through sacredelations that had no sexual connotations this envisaged women s liberation through th. How has feminism developed What have feminists achieved What can we learn from the global history of feminismFeminism is the ongoing story of a profound historical transformation Despite being The Spill repeatedly written off as a political movement that has achieved its aim of female liberation it has been continuallyedefined as new generations of women campaign against the gender. ,

E abandonment of sexual links to men a vision that we might commonly associate with political lesbianism in Britain and the USA in the 1970s In the early twentieth century there was also an active Chinese feminist movement with women in some Chinese provinces gaining the vote by 1912 well ahead of many Western counterparts and the word nann starting to be used to indicate a sexed system of social organisation or something like what we might call patriarchy Meanwhile the Egyptian activist Huda Sha arawi organised women in the 1919 protests against British ule her decision To Unveil In Public unveil in public 1923 was celebrated by Europeans but Sha arawi herself did not see this as particularly important and in fact mocked the veil of ignorance that Western women wore unable to see Egyptian women clearly because of orientalist stereotypesDelap also shows how ideas were exchanged translated and epurposed in global contexts The famous US second wave feminist text Our Bodies Ourselves 1970 which encouraged women to look after their health and celebrate their sexuality was Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? reproduced andeworked in different settings In Bulgaria it was How To Win At Casino Gambling retitled Our Body Ourselves to emphasise individualism after the fall of the communist state whereas in Latin America the text was framed with of a focus on traditional community settings The phrase the personal is political coined by US feminist Carol Hanisch was influenced both by the Black Power practice of telling it like it is and Hanisch seading of French feminist Claudie Broyelle s Half the Sky 1973 which stressed the autonomy of women in Communist China to voice and act on their emotions through the Maoist idea of speaking bitterness Broyelle wrote a follow up to this work in 1980 admitting it had been a day dream as eports of the violent oppression of women in China continued to emerge However Feminisms does not
trace the histories of familiar touchstones but introduces new ones such as the memorable phrase used by Japanese activist Kishida Toshiko in 1883 who publicly such as the memorable phrase used by Japanese activist Kishida Toshiko in 1883 who publicly of her anger at how women had to live their lives in close confinement saying that aising daughters in such an environment was like trying to grow flowers in salt Feminisms is primarily concerned with the intersections of gender ace and class ather than sexuality or gender identity although it does touch on the issues faced by lesbians and trans women who tried to engage with second wave feminism in the 1970s and 1980s Delap writes briefly about how sex and gender might have been understood fluidly in certain Africa. Ineuity of their ageIn this absorbing book historian Lucy Delap challenges the simplistic narrative of 'feminist waves a seuence of ever progressive updates ­ showing instead that feminists have been motivated by the specific concerns of their historical moment Drawing on an extraordinary ange of examples from Japan to Russia Egypt to Germany Delap explores different femin.
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N countries before colonialist binaries were imposed citing the work of Ifi Amadiume and Oy An Eye for an Eye r nk Oy w m Amadiume has argued that age hierarchies were important than gender hierarchies in the organisation of some African societies allowing women to adopt powerfuloles such as female husband However it is obviously impossible to cover everything in a single book and I had the sense that Delap had been led by the priorities of many of the activists she considers who especially in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries were often focused on colonial or class oppression In 1975 Bolivian tin miner s wife Domitila Barrios de Ch ngara confronted the US feminist Betty Friedan at a meeting in Mexico City which Still Side by Side revealed the perceived gulf between their ideas of feminism Barrios de Chungara was an experienced union activist who worked alongside men and thought gringa feminism was a lesbian dominated war against men Friedan had actually been instrumental in banning lesbians from the US National Organisation for Women s New York chapter in 1970 so likely shared this hostilityObviously a book like this can never be than a starting point for the huge histories it touches upon but this is an incredibly thought provoking take on some of the uestions we should be asking when we think about global histories of feminismIeceived a free proof copy of this book from the publisher for Oriori No Uta review A wonderful and uniue look at feminism I was hooked by this book from the very start counting myself as a feminist I was so eager toead this I loved the fact this looks at feminism globally Four Word Film Reviews rather than just the westernised ideal and focused on everyone how your idea of feminism may not be another s It s an enlighteningead and definitely needs to be Available I D Hope Schools I d hope schools would buy thisits well presented the author has a wonderful accessible and inclusive writing style A must Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes read for allThanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion Feminisms gave me a lot of new insights on the global history of feminism At times I felt uite overwhelmed with information as this book contains a lot of it buteading it with some breaks in between Crystal Decoder really helped keeping it interestingThe book kind ofeads like a textbook so it s harder to eally delve into but nevertheless it is really interesting pretty tough ead because of the interesting Pretty tough Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes read because of the info but here s one favorite uote Claiming and creating spaces has been a core feminist activity though the spaces thatesulted have not been free of boundary work and policin. Ist projects to show that those who are part of this movement have not always agreed on a single programme This diverse history of feminism she argues can help us better navigate current debates and controversiesA tour de force from an award winning expert Feminisms shows that a Second Son (Jack Reacher, richelationship to the past can infuse today's activism with a sense possibility and inspiratio.