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Surprised to find Steve Berry lumped in with some of my favorite historical fiction authors and he efinitely brought something The Battle of Resaca different that the other stories All of the authorsid great work I was educated and I was entertained What could I ask for I recommend this to anyone who is a fan of a contributing author anyone who likes historical fiction in general and those interested in the struggle for women s rights to vote Thank you to Netgalley Henry Holt and Company and the editors for an early copy of this bookThis book was so good It is a collection of 13 short stories with all stories happening on Oct 23 1915 A huge march takes place in New York on this ay as women are marching *FOR THE RIGHT TO VOTE THESE STORIES FOLLOW DIFFERENT * the right to vote These stories follow ifferent who are involved in the march in The Greatest You different ways I really enjoyed the stories by all the authors but 2 really stood out for methe ones by Lisa Wingate and Fiona Davis Kristin Hannah wrote the introduction to this great book Loved it This is a great collection of fictionalized stories about women s suffrageuring one of the most famous marches in New York Each story follows an individual woman s experience with the march As a feminist and a former New Yorker I could not have loved this book All the stories are good but several struck me as particularly wonderful loved this book All the stories are good but several struck me as particularly wonderful First Step by MJ Rose is a beautiful story which has some wonderful New York history including a fictionalization of the family business Tiffany and Co The family business at Tiffany also serves as a lovely analogy for the way some men then treated and still today treat women as things to be admired and handled The Elite Way delicately This story captured the way I always imaginedromanticized suffrage in New York to be and made me wish I was there It is also the linchpin of a common thread that runs through most of the storiesAnd then there were the important and painful stories of the less rich and privileged women I also loved American Womanhood which is a great illustration of the exclusion of women of color in the suffrage movement that will make you angry And Just Politics about an Armenian woman taught me many things Iid not know This book tells the story of suffrage in a way I ve never read it before through fictional stories of individual women living a variety of Crumbs different lives at the time and in that way it made me feel much closer to it than I have before These were women who could have been me or my friends and somehow the fictionalization of thiselivers that sentiment straight to your heart in a way that the historical ocuments cannotI loved this book Read it Thanks to NetGalley Henry Holt and the writers and editors for such a lovely and emotionally moving book about my history in exchange for my honest review. Ether a portrait of a country looking for a fight and echo into a resounding force strong enough to break even the most stubborn of glass ceilingsWith stories fromLisa WingateM J RoseSteve BerryPaula McLainKatherine J ChenChristina Baker KlineJamie FordDolen Perkins ValdezMegan ChanceAlyson RichmanChris Bohjalianand Fiona Dav.

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Stories from Suffragette CityStories from Suffragette City was a brilliant idea Take twelve best selling authors and have Them Create A Short Story create a short story the same ay in history What Spurgeons Expository Encyclopedia day you ask An incredibly importantate for women around the world It was the Sealed day that thousands of women marched the streets of New York to earn the right to voteWith each story a new tale is created with an individual author s spin on it I m curious if I be ab Stories from Suffragette City is an excellent collection of short stories each following a Sketching From Square One to Trafalgar Square different character s experience with the October 1915 Suffragette March in New York City While some stories resonated with me than others I loved the way the authors were able to highlight the Suffrage movement through the eyes of characters from all walks of life young old white POC male female I also loved how the authors wove several stories together interconnecting them in a way that made them seem bigger than just short stories As we face many injustices in the world today this collection served as a reminder of how far we have come and that we must remain hopeful and continue too the work to move forward What a compelling anthology These stories were written by some of the very best historical fiction authors in this country and each of their voices and points of view comes through loud and clear Each story was told from a The Familiars different perspective nationality and socioeconomic status so that each story was a fresh take on the sameay I loved that there was a thread that was woven through the stories as well to tie all of the uniue stories together Historical fiction that is timely and relevant adds another layer to this intriguing collection I LOVED THIS BOOK I really enjoyed how many authors came together to o a collab on such an important and under communicated topicEach CHAPTER IS WRITTEN BY A DIFFERENT is written by #A Different With A Different Point Of #different with a ifferent point of a rich woman a man whose wife supports the cause a child a poor woman etcI was struck over and over again how IMPORTANT the vote is and what a Owens Walk dang feat it was for women to have this power Iefinitely find myself appreciative of the freedom I have to express my opinions by voting and making a Shadow Point (The Gothic War, difference for my countryThank you Netgalley for this ARC Stories from Suffragette City is a collection of short stories that all take place on October 23 1915 in New York City when over 25000 women marched up Fifth Avenueemanding the right to vote Thirteen well known authors have written a short story about the march The stories look at the experiences of the very rich the very poor and everyone in between Normally when I read an anthology I like one of two of the stories better than the others that wasn t the case with this book I enjoyed all of the stories and I enjoyed. A collection of short stories from a chorus of bestselling writers all set on the same Taboo Times Ten day October 23 1915 in which over a million women marched for the right to vote in New York City with an introduction by Kristin Hannah Stories From Suffragette City is a collection of short stories from the leading voices in historical fic. Theifferent characters they wrote about on this important Death Note One-Shot Special (Death Note, Chapter day in the history of women s rights in this countryI really enjoy a book that teaches me as I m being entertained I knew about the Suffrage movement but had no idea of the planning and work that went into it from all levels of society Most of the women were ridiculed by both men and women who thought that women weren t smart enough to vote But they persevered to get the vote for womenThis is a very timely and important anthology Many women have become too complacent about voting andon t take advantage of their right to The Empty Tomb do so This book reminds us of the hard work and sacrifices that the woman of the early 1900sid to give us the right to vote We have a very important election in November 2020 and I hope that all women take the time to VOTE This collection of stories from these brilliant authors is one of the best I have ever read All I can say is how neat for those of us who grew up using the word neat as something really cool and amazing I found myself wanting stories This book is chock full of superb writing as I found each story just as interesting as the last I had never learned a lot about suffrage even in school so this book actually opened my eyes to issues and the way things were back then I couldn t have enjoyed it and I will be recommending this to many people in my travels and to my future students Thank you to NetGalley and Henry Holt and Company for the ARC It is very much appreciated Thank you Netgalley for an ARC of this book I had high hopes for this book with so many talented authors coming together in one collection and it was even better than I expected Some stories resonated with me slightly than others but I found myself rawn into most of them and wishing that they were full length books instead of short stories full length books instead of short stories is truly a moving and heartfelt set of stories I learned even about the movement than I knew previously and look forward to researching and reading I received a free copy of this ebook from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I really love these short story collections set in ifferent periods of history You get a short stories from authors you re probably pining for their next books and get to meet authors you haven t encountered before And sometimes you get tie ins to books you ve read before What s not to haven t encountered before And sometimes you Get Tie Ins To Books You Ve Read Before What tie ins to books you ve read before What not to topic of this collection is very timely being the 100th anniversary of the passing of the 20th Amendment which gave some women the right to vote The stories are centered mostly around parades featuring women and girls from ifferent classes and locations and even features POCs Each of the authors brough something ifferent to the table which I really appreciated I was actually a bit. Tion that all take place on a single The Irish Scissor Sisters day Theay one million women marched for the right to vote in New York City in 1915 A How to Think Like an Entrepreneur day filled with a millionifferent stories and a million Mortelle Adle, Tome 15: Funky Moumoute different voices longing to be heard Taken together these stories from writers at the top of their bestselling game become a chorus stitching tog.

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