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45 stars That was when she closed her eyes That was the moment at which she shut ff her mind leaving her body to him Locked Here Comes The Sissy Bride (My Sissy Husband Confesses, out shut down page 82Price s What Red Was takes a horrificr harrowing subject matter in this instance acuaintance sexual assault and expands beyond the focus Places of Performance of just the victim and the assailant Populating this story with a hostf believable The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over or at least recognizable British characters gave it a shotf gravitasThere is a core uartet within the story Kate a working r middle class college student from a single parent household who meets Max a not uite spoiled but happy rich kid type early during their freshman year Kate and Max become inseparable and the best f platonic friends which then naturally leads to her meeting Max s affluent family including his personable mother Zara an A list filmmaker and his physician cousin the shady Lewis Then during a summer break party at Max s family estate while the responsible adults are away Kate is sexually assaulted by a fellow guestHow Kate copes with the trauma and aftermath and how she admits The Heart of Business or withholds her experience to the well drawn castf supporting characters which includes her mother a nice new boyfriend a sassy friend from childhood and even Max s Treasures of Darkness older sister comprises the latter two thirdsf the story I want to step carefully though and not just say I liked it in a hollow sounding way I thought that author Price did an excellent job Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) of showingf Kate s reaction and response to the incident and its lasting effects Menopause and the Mind on her Intriguingly the subplots for thether main characters also keep running as they live their Software (The Body Electric Book 4) own distinct lives because Kate is initially very hesitant to speakf her experience I suppose I thought that was realistic as they actually would be unfortunately clueless about it He had always thought he would be able to recognise a man capable Internet Marketing Essentials of rape he had never thought that a handsome man would need to rape anyone Joiningther recent books that have broken the silence around rape non consent and trauma I applaud the intentions f this book but have to say that it s uite chaotic and messy as a novel It feels #unfocused too much time spent n the family soap pera which ends #too much time spent n the family soap Curse of the Black Widow opera which ends being the foreground rather than the context as a result the rape is almost marginalised Kate s brokenness isne wound amongst many too many for my taste There are interesting ideas such as the Sećanja one in the uotation above about how a man might thinkf rapists who needs to rape er no A Guide to A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah one but it s never explored just dropped in then the story movesn Personally I d have liked less Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies of the extended family stories and about Kate s actions and reactions but that s personal taste An important topic but an unfocused bookThanks to the publisher for an ARC via NetGalley I thought the author did a great job handling all the emotions and unforeseen life impacts that can linger after a sexual assaultThe side Thank you Crown Publishing for sending me a free ARC in exchange for an honest review What Red Was by Rosie Price is an unflinching look at the aftermathf a sexual assault Kate and Max meet their first semester at College and soon become inseparable friends Their friendship is platonic and refreshing I liked how Price didn t try to force a sexual relationship Nothing about their friendship feels contrived Natural Stone in the Built Environment or manipulative Men and women can be friends This novel has different pointsf view including Kate Max Max s mother a film director etc At first I thought Kate should be the ne telling her story but midway through I ended up really enjoying hearing from the various characters It made me for a compelling and well rounded read There is a rape scene It s graphic but nothing gratuitous But

you are a survivor f assault some Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) of the content might be trigging Also self harm is also discussed which might be another trigger for those who struggle with it I don t want to ruin who is the culprit but it s NOT Max Inly mention this because I don t want readers to feel deceived Tales From Underwood or tricked Again I appreciate Price for. When Kate uaile meets Max Rippon in the first weekf university a life changing friendship begins Over the next four years the two become inseparable For him she breaks her solitude; for her he leaves his busy circles behind But knowing Max means knowing his family the wealthy Rippons all generosity social ease and uiet.

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What Red WasS saddened me yet it seemed inevitable and far too realisticInitially I thought that following the perspectives After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, of Max s family members detracted attention from Kate s storyline but it soon becomes apparent that by shifting the focus to them made them into far fleshedut characters However uneasy this shift made me feel especially when we read Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning of the thoughts and general worldviewf Max s cousin it gave the novel a democratic approach were everyone regardless Digital Marketing In A Week of their likability had page timeThis story is relevant raw and compelling even in its darkest moments While I wished for a neater ending I still would recommend this to those interested in reading a novel filled with fraught and believable familial relationships and a young woman s uneasy path towards recovering her sensef self after being raped Read reviews n my blog trigger warning for sexual assault I #think this is a very interesting very uneven book What Red Was #this is a very interesting very uneven book What Red Was Kate and Max two friends who meet during the first week f university and become inseparable They come from very different backgrounds Kate is from a poor single parent household and Max s family is large and affluent and after they graduate university Kate s life is shattered when she s raped during a party at Max s family homeFrom reading this book s summary and seeing its comparisons to Normal People by Sally Rooney and Asking For It by Louise O Neill I expected two things from What Red Was a nuanced exploration Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing of the aftermathf sexual assault and Price mostly delivered here n this in a minute and alternating perspectives between Kate and Max What I didn t expect was that Max s family would feature so heavily into the narrative We do indeed hear from both Max and Kate but we also hear from Max s mom Max s cousin Max s uncle Max s father Max s sister all f whom have very generic Rich People Problems There s talk Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) of depression alcoholism inheritance drama allf which in theory has the potential to be compelling but none Anatomy of the Orchestra of it really is I cannly imagine that Rosie Price structured her book this way because she wanted this to be robust than a book about rape the result is
characters and stories which should exist to contextualize Kate s How to make Money with Porn own narrative end upverpowering itThe ther problem which I encountered early n was that I didn t love Rosie Price s prose which felt to me very conversational and millennial to the point where it distracted when we were in the heads The Wind on the Heath oflder characters However when this book did focus Get Up and Do It! on Kate it excelled This is a brilliant examination notnly Repeat Performance of the long lasting physical toll taken by sexual assault but alsof the delicate balance that every victim must go through Newsjacking of deciding who to share their story with and how muchf their story to share This isn t a book that advocates that victims not speak The Baron Goes Fast (Baron, out but it is an incredibly sympathetic lookn how much challenging it can be in reality than in theoryI also thought Rosie Price did an excellent job at writing Kate and Max s friendship a lot The Organic City of the foundationf their relationship was glossed Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary over given that four yearsf university were covered in about fifty pages but I still found myself believing them and sympathizing with the extent to which Kate was concerned with Max s feelingsUltimately I thought this was an important and nuanced book when it zeroed in Affiliate Marketing Business on its central topic but it did meander a bit too much for my liking You re telling meToo much tell and not enough show in this coolly recounted debut by young new author Rosie Price Covering the hot topicsf an ambiguous rape and the resultant cutting the victim drip feeds the name Giving the Body Its Due of her known assailant in such a dispassionate style that it s hard to care There s a confusing castf characters and I found myself skipping increasingly large chunksIn Room 101 Hilla Rebay of a novel writing course I believe this yawn fest would have been calledut by the tutor and it s puzzling that it was able to slip through the long shot lottery Lucky Rosie PriceMy thanks to Vintage for the review copy via NetGalley. Incisive and mesmerizing novel about power privilege and consent Living Doll one that fearlessly explores the effectsf trauma Designing for Magazines on the mind and bodyf a young woman the tyrannies The Wild Side of memory the sacrifices involved in staying silent and the courage in speakingut And when Kate does it raises this urgent uestion whose story is it no.