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Clue by ClueOok coming with its own de coder Very cool concepts I am curious if they are going to continue this series and if so I will probably be reading the third book as well I will keep Shackletons Journey hoping that the authors will switch to using actualistorical information in the mean time because that would be the perfect blast from the past 3 A stand alone in the new Carmen Sandiego Netflix tv series universe its a rollicking good time with Carmen and crew on a treasure Clue by Clue hunt for pirate treasure Family friendly and oh so fun and a uick little read I really enjoyed this Itad some nice social commentary too with the side story of the pirate diary and who the pirate really WAS AND AS ALWAYS WITH THIS and as always with this you learn some cool geography Enticed By You (by You, history stuff on the way While this may not be fine literature or anything like that this book was true and authentic to its purpose as a super fun YA story of that dashing master thief Carmen There were a few minor writing faux pas but overall I d say fans of this franchise are going to love it Amazing book Once again Carmen Sandiegoas come around and brought me into Ngôi nhà xưa her world This book was a five star read because it was funny adventurous and mysterious Carmen Sandiego is my favorite tv show of all time And it s on Netflix Iave watched EVERYSINGLEEPISODE MORE THAN 20 TIMESI loved this book and ope that you will to I encourage you to read it I fished it in one day but I might not be the same for youENJOYI Cats This Book Is An Easy is an easy I decided to read it to see if it would be good to use as a read aloud with my kindergarten and frost grade students I think they will enjoy it especially if I ave them use the cipher wheel to decode the messages They are solved in the text Overall a fun book to read fortheloveofliteracy. Y in the Caribbean Carmen must stay one step ahead on a trail of clues in order to beat her nemeses to the buried treasure Using the book's special built in decoder readers can Adam and the Ants help Carmen unlock the map's clues and make sure this pirate's booty finally makes its way into the rightand. .

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Villians Internaional League Of Evil 
Internaional League of Evil it They race around the world sharing geographic facts along the way Includes a decoder wheel embedded in the cover this book is not recommended for library purchase as the binding is flimsy Will be popular with fans of the show If there are going to be in this series and they are like this one not in story I mean but in uality I think I m going to like listening to Carmen Sandiego s adventures You Learn Something There Is something there is real story there is some excitement didn t know what to expect when I saw there were two stories with one of my childhood s favorite video games but so far I definitely like I m so glad I read this After season two ended I wanted I m glad I got another episode in paper form I wish this did become an episode There were a lot locations in it than usual And the writing did not depict a deviation from the characters on screen Go Carmen About as thrilling as the other one See that review It all applies ere too This book was a lot of fun I expected each book in the series to get bigger so was very surprised at finding this one to be Return to Doomstar (Doomstar 2) half the length of the first I got excited with this book thinking that Carmen was going back toer roots and that the new series was going to be educational like all the Carmen products before Sad to say that this was a fruitless Language - A Student Handbook on Key Topics and Theories hope In a situation where real facts and people couldave been used fake ones were made up This was very disappointing and the primary reason for my 3 star rating The writing of this book was much smoother than the first author and with far fewer mentions of the where in the world catch phrase which was nice The code concept was cool and I am in love with the idea of the physical Rilling treasure unt in this original story inspired by the Netflix animated series When the secrets of a centuries' old treasure map are uncovered it's up to Carmen to puzzle out the pirate's code and track down a long lost treasure From the cobblestone streets of London to a sunken cit.

review Clue by Clue

Based on the description I was expecting this to be an activity book but actually it s a junior novel well at 128 pages of large print novel is really a stretch even with the junior ualification The code wheel embedded in the cover is nothing but a gimmick to make the book seem interactive than it is since the code is always solved within the text of the book though there are bonus activities in the back one of which involves using the code wheelThat said I thought the book Was using the code wheelThat said I thought the book Was It Wasn T cute It wasn t well written nor as illuminating with regard to the cartoon as its predecessor Who in the World Is Carmen Sandiego but My Review When I saw this at the bookstore the other day I knew we ad to get it Not only is it a new Carmen Sandiego book but it is also interactive with a decoder to use throughout the story It was even better because it fits in perfectly with my pirate month as we follow Carmen Sandiego and IGNITING THE FIRE (The Crow Academy Book 1) her friends on aunt for lost #pirate treasure It is a pretty easy read perfect for those kids #treasure It is a pretty easy read perfect for those kids are starting out in chapter books though it does contain some difficult words This was uite the adventure as Carmen Moobli has to solve many codes and follow the clues to the treasure There are codes to be cracked in the book but it is written so if you don t want to stop reading the answer is revealed when you turn the page At the end of the book there are codes to crack with the decoder but also a new cifer is introduced and even codes to crack There is also a lot of facts andistory about both the Tower in London Tortuga and pirates We even get a recipe to try out All in all this is a fun packed book This seuel based on the Netflix series is a fun breezy adventure Carmen and The Secret Art of Great Conversation her sidekicks at ACME must solve the code that will lead them to a pirate Crack the code with Carmen Sandiego In this original story a special clue decoding wheel built into the front cover allows readers tount for long lost pirate's treasure alongside the world's greatest thief Inspired by the Netflix animated seriesCarmen Sandiego and crew are off on a th. ,