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Sweetie by Jenny TomlinDont even go there I dont want to read books Like This This Is Totally this This is totally I dont know how someone could write this Unfortunately once i had started it I had to finish it to find out who the bad guy was and make sure he got his just desserts Horrible i wouldn t recommend this book to anybody This is a very difficult book to read Uite Explicit In Places However Harrowing Though It Was It explicit in places however harrowing though it was it to be written this way Set in the 1970 s in a small town in which rape sexual assault and murder of children was completely unheard of yet one day a 12year old girl was discovered in a horrifying manner The girl was the first of severalThe attacks begin to set the whole town on edge and suddenly everyone who is different becomes a suspect it who is different becomes a suspect It only after a group of parents attack a young teen who has a ow mental intel that they start to suspect each other Jenny Tomlin shows how a small community faces the danger of having thier social construct crumbling while each person has to face their own demons as the attacker holds the town in fear Awful Was gross and written entirely too simply Disturbing The stuff nightmares are made of This book is just a Aliens Among Us litany of violence Or ateast the first half of it is A brutal rapemurder of a young girlA brutal rape of a small boyAn unwarranted assault on a special needs boy who has cerebral palsyAn attempted rape of another young girlThe disappearance of another boy who returns. It is the summer of 1976 the hottest summer on recordIn the heart of London's bustling East End True Paradise lies a tight knit community of families Theyead a very traditional way of ife the men are down the pub the women are gossiping at the toddler group in the working men's club and the children stay out ate in the ong summer evenings playing in the park and roaming the streets. ,
Home safe and wellAnd the brutal murder of another young boy that same day I don t know if he was raped of another young boy that same day i don young boy that same day I don know if he was raped couldn t read any The assault on Steven the young boy with cerebral palsy was committed by a group of grown men whose wives incorrectly assumed that because the attacks started after Steven came home on holidays from his special school and because he was always watching other children play that he was the culprit They egged their husbands on to do something about it and while one of the wives got Steven s mother out of the house the men almost beat him to deathThis is from one of the women whose husband had been involved in the assault on Steven She felt bad for the way she had spoken to him her husband Jonathan Visits the White House last night He had only been doing what he thought was right and Grace had the wisdom to know that you had toet a man be a man WTF The disappearance of boy Jamie was in broad daylight with four 12 year old girls playing hopscotch across the street The boy was with a group of his mates out on the sidewalk in front of his house admiring and taking turns sitting in the Jaguar of a visiting relative This boy was 9 years old and no one saw him eaveWhat do the parents do knowing of the murder and rapes Call the police No They send the other boys out ooking for him One of the mothers tries to enlist her husband to help Από τη Μήδεια στη Σταχτοπούτα, Η ιστορία του φαλλού look for the boy When the husband declines stating his belief correct as it turns out that th. CarefreeIn the sweltering heat Grace Ballantyneeaves her son Adam playing in his toy car in the garden When she returns she finds the door to the car open and her four year old son is nowhere in sight As Grace frantically searches panic creeps in and so the nightmare beginsA series of horrific assaults on young children spreads through the neighbourhood each one brutal; .

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E boy would come walking in the door at any time this is what the mother said Terry there is a sex maniac out there somewhere and he s getting through our kids ike a dose of saltsCharmingAnd what do you think happened next One of the boys sent out to search for Jamie disappears and is found murdered head bang head bangIt would be hard enough to read if this was a true story as a piece of fiction it disgusted meAnd to top it all the writing is appalling and the characters as a piece of fiction it disgusted meAnd to top it all off the writing is appalling and the characters unlikeable and unsympatheticI wouldn t recommend this book to any one Dont read Sick disturbing horrible How someone could write this piece of fiction and have the thoughts in their mind to put down on paper this is unbelievable Made me physically sick should be banned I dont even want this book in my house any and so will hbe thrown in the bin Now I suggest you read the back of the book to see what this about it carely is about child abuse Also read the introduction will give you insight This book is brutal and uncomfortable but child abuse is brutal and children do die so if it upset you You obviously want this kind of thing to be played down that s not how the real world is it nowIt s a good read obviously some things drag out but I finished this book in a day Worth a read if you can handle to graphic detail Deeply unpleasant subject matter unfortunately expressed by an inadeuate writer My advice would be to steer well clear. Here is only so much this close community can take As they cling to one another for hope and survival the men beat up the school caretaker who they believe to be the perpetrator of this twisted abuse But have they got the right manFinally it is the women who take control In a battle to protect their families and seek revenge they make sure the attacker gets his just dessert. .