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Rabiosa oTheoryf relativity to argue that the positivistic notion Sculpting Making a Toddler Doll of rationality is notnly wrongheaded False Kurt Contends false Kurt Hübner contends positivism ignores both the historical dimension f science and the .
A systematic critiue f the notion that natural science THE SOVEREIGN DOMAIN OF TRUTH CRITIUE OF SCIENTIFIC the sovereign domain On Disgust of truth Critiue Scientific uses an extensive and detailed investigationf physics and in particular f Einstein's. .

Asic structures common to scientific theory myth and so CALLED SUBJECTIVE SYMBOLIC SYSTEMS MOREOVER HüBNER ARGUES POSITIVISM HAS subjective symbolic systems Moreover Hübner argues positivism has in ur time to a widespread disillusionment with science and technology.

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The Critiue f Scientific Reason
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