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A Fairly Honourable Defeat gCrazy warrior princesses Nothing Well Kate Daniels probably does but she doesn t count It wouldn t be fair on her fellow fictional characters Anyway I ve decided that if I can t be Kate Daniels or Shanti when Irow up I ll be Annwyl the Bloody Why Because this Do you not listen to our daily meetings about the state of your lands Of course I don t They re dead boring Not everything can involve bloodshed Annwyl Can t you come Fucking Trans Women get me when there is bloodshed Otherwise just leave me alone to read Bloodshed books or nothing Annwyl airl after my own black withered heart Original reviewThis is a silly book about horny dragons homicidal damsels in little distress broad chested horny hunks and batshit crazy with horny tendencies dragonessesThey have sex share lovely moments they have sex live in dens they have sex fight each other they have sex battle other dragons to reclaim their kingdoms they have sex walk around naked a lot they have sex argue and they sometimes have sex fall in love The chicks kick ass The Slavery Reborn guys are as male as itets Pure mindless dragon fun that s what this is Book 2 About A Dragon About a Dragon 3 What a Dragon Should Know This series this seriesI love Annwyl Just LOVE her She is so crazy stubborn snarky and fearless She has no brain to mouth filter something that I find very attractie to my heroines She is such a badass and she keeps You Can Make Anything Sad getting crazier as the books progressFearghus isood as well All hot and powerful but Annwyl steals the show IMOFound this pic somewhereThis book is awesome at least I believe it is Full of funny moments and action without any angst and turmoil and all that boring stuff Some would say that the emotional chemistry between the characters isn t there and it would probably be true but I love it nonethelessThe dragon family is HILARIOUS My favs are Gwenvael and ibhearThis is not much of a review but I m too bored to write sth better DNF at page 156 A dare so kindly provided by an amazing GR friend of mine Edge of Bubble Luv ya sis but one day you ll be the death of me D To begin with I m a terrible reader when it comes to romance There was a time when I breathed with historical romance until it was an overload and I ran for UF and thrillers for recovery But the romance I read was nothing compared to Dragon Actually I must Life Leverage give credit to the beginning of this book it startedood with a fight a kick ass heroine and a dragon I thought Yay what can a Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? girl like me want Exactly if the book stayed like that at least for 75% I would have finished it with eye rolling of course but still finished The problem is that I received 75% of smut and only 25% of fighting and funny spices instead while I read I think the best way to hide the flaws of a weak story is to spill some endless pages of annoying and pointless smut If I took away all the smut I det not much left and that s a real problem Characters Annwyl and Fearghus Lord Idiot both have awesome backstories they are skilled in fighting are scarred emotionally and physically woot for that They can proceed in a Alhambra great lets make everything bloody andripping way as they both have potential as fighters but instead I ot interaction between Lord Idiot who is mainly ruled by his mating desires and supposed to be kick ass heroine mating desires and a supposed to be kick ass heroine thinks with lower part I think that both of them lacked a proper development as characters they needed to be multilayered I liked other characters in the story starting with the dragon kin battle comrades and ending with the reat villains They weren t fully fleshed out but at least they had Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World going on It was strange for me as the final fight betweenood and bad happened so early in the story and I felt like I lost the little entertainment I had with this book It was a struggle to read further To sum up it was a bad experience Buddy read like buddy torture p with lovely Orient and CraigThis is the book that made me fall in love with PNR It is a light and funny read with a nice plot Books The Infinite Air get way funny and a bit complex plotwise as the series progressI llloat talk after buddies finish their reading Has arranged to help train her for battle With her days spent fighting a man who fill her with fierce heady desire and her nights spent in the company of a magical creature who could smite a village just by exhaling Annwyl is sure life couldn't et any stranger She's wrong. .
To Challenge a DragonR real after every other scene which means I enjoyed this book a lot than I was anticipating2 Giving me an X rated version of Toothless for my oh so innocent daydreams because it s impossible to imagine this uy doing anything besides eating fish chasing light and flying3 Ruining all other paranormal creatures for me because now nothing but a hot dragon prince will do 4 Creating a heroine with Pandoras Planet guts wits morals and brains whom I neverot annoyed with 5 Introducing a large yet memorable cast of dragon royalty I can t wait to read about 6 Inserting a Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? great short story on the unexpected love between a certain spoiled dragon ueen and her scary consort that I actually liked than the main romanceAnd finally7 HOT DRAGON SEX Nuff said 355 starsFor reviews visit my blog 325 starsAs cringe worthy as that cover is it does aood job of depicting what this book contains Chesticles Male chesticles Male DRAGON chesticles All up in this mofo Because dragons are allergic to clothing I somehow missed that this book contains two totally different story lines The first 60% focuses on one couple and then BOOM a second couple is introduced Whereas the first couple have an actual story arc which is filled with hilarity as well as hawt schmex the second coupledidn t really It was pretty much straight dragon porn thankfully in human form with some How To Win At Casino Gambling growling and arguing thrown in forood measure So as much fun as I had while reading this I just can t bring myself to Training the Help (Hedon Falls give it than three stars Because when youet right down to it this is little than brainless mindless fluff GA Aiken is a big name in paranormal romances both under this cognomen and also as Shelly Laurenston This was my first time reading her and I had a positive experienceWhat I liked right away about this story was the nice flow of the narrative I was in a big reading slump where it seemed like it was harder to read books and When Not to Build get sucked in and I liked how easy it was to fall into the world of this book Aiken has some veryood humor and not afraid to make it involve some physical interactions between the characters Along the lines of The Three Stooges and Bugs Bunny to be clearI do have to say that her female characters stand out with their brash tough nature I liked Annwyl a bit than Rhiannon even though I acknowledge that both were shaped by their environment Annwyl is the real deal when it comes to being a warrior She didn t earn her name of Annwyl the Bloody for no reason Let s just say that few will survive a sword fight with her without coming away about eight to ten inches shorter on the top They are a ood match for the heroes meeting these big tough uys toe to toe In some cases even vicious at timesThe other Thing I Enjoyed A Lot I enjoyed a lot the dragons I liked the descriptions of them and their lifestyles although it was uite disconcerting for them to talk so casually about eating humans and Hello Bravo ! - Activity Book gleeful in killing them in various ways Yeah I know dragons probably view humans the way we do cows But still Anyway if one has a what if about the lifestyles of the big and scaly then Aiken will hook you upWhat I think was a bit too much for me was theraphic depictions of violence In a way I think it works for her considering this harsh brutal world of warring humans and dragons On the other hand I am a bit sueamish when it comes to descriptions of men An Eye for an Eye gettingutted and their entrails falling out And people Still Side by Side getting suished to a pulp If you canet past this a reader will enjoy the action elements and the fact that the heroines o to battle hardcoreReaders who like their romance on the hot and steamy side will not be disappointed I am not into BDSM at all but the chains that featured heavily in the second story certainly made things interestingOverall uite satisfied I liked Annwyl and Fearghus story A Bit But The Story Of Fearghus bit but the story of Fearghus Rhiannon and Bercelak famed courtship was very ood as well I will read in this series Impromptu buddy reread with my MacHalo Freaks And the moral of this reread is Yes dragons still do it better And no nothing beats bloodthirsty batshit. T would be nice to be able to really talk to a man the way she can talk to Fearghus the DestroyerToo bad that Fearghus is a dragon of the large scaly and deadly type With him Annwyl feels safe a far cry from the feelings aroused by the hard bodied arrogant knight Fearghus.


This book is funny Like beware of reading it in public because you will look crazy by cracking up out loud funny Nobody wants it in public because you will look crazy by cracking up out loud funny Nobody wants look that crazyWe have Annwyl the Bloody as our heroine She meets the dragon Fearghus the Destroyer as she is lopping off heads of the enemy soldiers and dying herself Fearghus saves Annwyl s life and she is living in his cave while she recuperates Apparently it s a nice cave as far as cave s Four Word Film Reviews go Feargus even sets her up with a bedroom and there s an indoor cave lake where she can swim with her dragon friend Yeah not sure how comfortable I would be swimming with a dragon Of course the dragon and theirl fall in love But she has a problem She is also falling in love with the knight that the dragon has sent to train her This could be an awkward triangle especially when one of them can just incinerate the other problem solved Luckily though the knight is also the dragon He s a shifter Thank Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes goodness too because if there wasoing to be some weird dragon human sex I was out No monster porn for me I mean sure I like blue alien porn vampire porn and werewolf porn but I m waaaay above the monster porn Yeah my standards are super high Well it s not from me It must be from the Crystal Decoder guy behind meThe best part of this book is the witty dialogue Everyone is funny and spouting out sarcastic uips even the baduy Lorcan rubbed his head Am I asking too much to want the little bitch dead Am IAll I want is for her to suffer a painful horrifying death And for her head to be on a spike in front of my castle That s all I want Sounds so reasonable when he says it like thatAlso reat is the relationship that Fearghus has with his dragon family He and his siblings fight but they will also do anything for him with his dragon family He and his siblings fight but they will also do anything for him sure he cut off the tail of one of his brothers and is constantly asking if he can kill his family but hey who doesn t want to kill their family once in a while Especially around the holidays Come on admit it Really Fearghus You need to stop asking me to let you kill our familyFearghus shook his head They just keep irritating meI know But that s what most families do Irritate But really everything in this story was enjoyable It is just a super fun burrito covered in awesomesauce Meet Annwyl The Bloody Her past times include chopping off people s headsAnd reading books Not everything can involve bloodshed Annwyl Can t you come et me when there is bloodshed Otherwise just leave me alone to read Bloodshed books or nothing Finally a heroine with uts wits morals and brains She is so crazy stubborn snarky fearless And she definitely speaks her mind Fearghus didn t say anything He wanted to see her reaction She didn t speak for several moments Then I m freezing me tits off see her reaction She didn t speak for several moments Then I m freezing me tits off are the books Sometimes authors OVERDOO these characteristics and it comes off as just annoying but Annywl really pulls it all together with an honest desire to help her people and kill anyone who messes with her plan of course And then Brastias saw the irl do something he would never forgetShe kicked the beast Right in the kneeBrastia Actual Rating 25 starsIt s fine The relationship development was a bit fast for me I don t really see where they fell in love Friendship sure I can see that love no The romance needed a deeper unfoldingThe problems or added plots surrounding the romance were a bit absurd and underdeveloped as well and that made me lose interest in the story even though I found the beginning interesting I have to say that it is nice seeing a warrior woman in a paranormal romance book It is promising that we are seeing and of this models everyday Bye bye damsel in distress It s so embarrassingly delightful when a book I ve mentally marked as nothing but porn manages to completely stun and amaze me Make no mistake Dragon Actually is mostly fictional porn But it s also a sweet funny and lovable story about a Second Son (Jack Reacher, grumpy alpha dragon and his vicious yet vulnerable mate And since it s been ages since I ve made a list review allow me to make one now Dragon Actually managed to catch me offuard by1 Making me laugh out loud fo. It's not always easy being a female warrior with a nickname like Annwyl the Bloody Men tend to either cower in fear a lot or else salute It's true that Annwyl has a knack for decapitating legions of her ruthless brother's soldiers without pausing for breath But just once

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