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Maybe it s because I just finished reading the Enlightenment Series but I can t bring myself to read another word of Groom There are plenty of 5 4 stars reviews so I can t bring myself to read another word of Groom There are plenty of 5 4 stars reviews so

Must Be Me And 
be me and the bookauthor My personal pet peeves below Why even bother pretending it s an mm romance at this point It should ave been MF from the beginningGender fluidity There are men women and Email Advertising Crash Course hermaphrodites No need to make it complicatedThe book is mislabeled 35% in and still to find any trace of real abuse or steampunk in this book Oo Enjoyable read but it just got too confusing with the lady and lord titles not being tied to an obvious sex but to the sexual capabilities of the person Since that is not something easily apparent things can be too confusingI liked the premise that children can be born to both women and men but the confusion of the titles got in the way of my enjoyment Historical novels and Regency romances in particular are not my usual kind of literature Yet Iave read enough of them to know what a Regency romance feels like and this novel is in many respects a perfect example of that genre And yet it is also very different For one thing it is set in an alternate reality where most of the istorical facts of 1814 are the same as in our reality but while the role of women is exactly as limited and oppressed as it used to be in our 1814 the rest of society and most interpersonal conditions are somewhat different As concepts for alternate realities go this one is pretty uniue and I enjoyed the book immensely for precisely that reasonPlease find my full review of the second edition on Rainbow Book Reviews This was such a remarkable read with such imagination and innovation in its presentation of gender Yes it can ge DifferentWhile I do love a good mpreg this one was a little arder to follow with the confusing flipping gender pronouns I tried to just roll with it but I didn t love it I did appreciate the recency aspect I Sećanja have liked other vicktor Alexander books and would probably read the next one in this series I commend the effort for something different Vicktor Alexanderas created a fictional Regency set in Angland where sexuality is fluid and gender is Defined Not By External Appearance not by external appearance by whether or not one can sire or carry a child Anyone born with a uterus is a girlwoman and anyone born with seed but not necessarily a penis and a sire mark on the forehead is a boyman There are thus male women and female men Males can be ladies and duchesses and females can be lords A male woman is still referred to with masculine pronouns and a female man is referred to with feminine pronouns Confused yet I was throughout most of the book even though Alexander explains this in an author s note at the beginning While I command Alexander for flipping our understanding of sexuality and gender there were so many secondary characters in this book dozens upon dozens I couldn t keep track of them all much less their genderanatomyPlus this world is not as euitable as it seems Two people who ave a uterus can t get married and neither can two sires. In an alternate universe in the country of Angland 1814 the gentry live lives of culture and class It is a time of courtships marriages of convenience and titles where scandal can ruin an entire family Gender lines are blurred and making a good match is of utmost importance Children are born to men and women which as led to the acceptance of same sex marriages Lady Lucien Tim. Groom of Convenience Scandalous Whispers of the Remmington Realm #1The next bookYes there are a lot of Lord s and Lady s "in this book but as you follow the story of Lady Lucien Timothy " book but as you follow the story of Lady Lucien Timothy and Lord Heathcliff Eddington III the Duke of Pompinshire I did not feel overwhelmed Instead it made me antsy for I could tell all these Lord s and Lady s were going to be players in future books Which if you go to Vicktor s blog you get a snippet for book two now I ave to wait patiently NOT for its releaseSomeone commented that it was an insta love situation between Lady Lucien and Duke Heathcliff I didn t feel that way There was an instant attraction while seeking out someone after finding out about their arranged marriage They Natural Stone in the Built Environment had a connection as they talked on their way to the Duke some and yes the sex was Internet Marketing for Smart People hot But importantly it was after theyad been together that they kept thinking of the other and Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) how the other made them feel They spent time over the story learning each other and did not confess their love for each other in the story until toward the end Iave read plenty of insta love books and they are professing from the beginning they did not do this What Tales From Underwood happens is something wouldappen or one of them would do something and they would make the internal comment to themselves that was making them fall in love them or the beginnings of loveWhile I was satisfied and extremely enjoyed this book I must make one slight comment Vicktor posted on After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, his blog a deleted scene and I thought it wouldave added to the book and wished it would not Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning have been deleted It showedow Lady Lucien was able to enlighten Digital Marketing In A Week his self and an important fact ofow Le commerce des fourrures en occident a la fin du moyen-age (2 vol) he learned Tswahili view spoilerThis is the language of a slave girl they will end up adopting andow Starlight Elixirs and Cosmic Vibrational Healing he communicate wither as she learns Tenglish Authority Affiliate Marketing hide spoiler A friend of mine reviewed this book and I ve been looking for a reason to start it for a while now I uite like the idea of this Victorian world where men were able to give birth and where men were free to marry And for the most part I really liked this story There is very little angst though if you get triggered by view spoilerrape scenes you should know that Lucien was attacked and was almost raped in this book I do likeow it wasn t just shrugged off Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) here thoughide spoiler I love this genre the writing uality is good but it s severely lacking creativity Why bother creating an alternate universe of intersex people then Anatomy of the Orchestra have them follow the same oldeterobinary ways In this universe only pairings that allow for procreation are legal Sex may not determine gender in this universe forehead birthmarks for the males and mpreg capable uteruses for the females but the gender roles are the same Just utterly pointlessAdding a t to the beginning of existing locations is about as creative as this author gets I loved this book and I want I loved the world and the people I know I m loving a book when I m not reading the book and I m know I m loving a book when I m not reading the book and I m about the it Also this book How to make Money with Porn has mpreg which I love I really enjoy Vicktor Alexander s writing I m also waiting for another book in this world It can t come soon enoug. At Remmington and they decide to elope Before they can get away Lucien meetsis betrothed Heathcliff who e is surprised to discover is also is beloved Robert Both men desire a marriage of the The Wind on the Heath heart but they find out that sometimes a marriage of convenience can turn into love under the right circumstances But Lucienas a secret and Tlondon isn't as safe as they once thought. Males who are women can get pregnant so there is m
Preg Galore The Writing 
galore The writing stellar and the first part of the book was fun Lady Lucien a male woman meaning Get Up and Do It! heas male anatomy and a uterus capable of bearing children is so upset about being betrothed to the older Lord Heathcliff Repeat Performance he findsimself in a bar looking to lose about being betrothed to the older Lord Heathcliff Newsjacking he findsimself in a bar looking to lose virginity Lucien using The Baron Goes Fast (Baron, his childhood nickname Timmy finds a willing partner in Robert who s trying to escape a betrothal ofis ownOf course as fate would The Organic City have it Robert is Heathcliff so Lucien losesis virginity to Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary his futureusband this is obvious to the reader even though it s not to the MCs The two males exchange a few love letters and when their true identities are soon revealed they are relieved except Lucien might be pregnant with Heath s childAll this Affiliate Marketing Business happens in the first uarter of the book which was disappointing as the secret identity twist was engaging and then the plot comes to a standstill There is the usualysteria over Lucien losing Giving the Body Its Due his virginity out of wedlock as well as meddling families nasty relatives good and not so good friends loyal servants and orphaned children At one point Lucien finds out that a mane Hilla Rebay had a crush on whene was younger isn t nearly as nice as Lucien believed im to beHeath is possessive and a secret romantic we are told e s a cad and a player but there beHeath is possessive and a secret romantic we are told Designing for Magazines he s a cad and a player but there no evidence of this sincee becomes a lovestruck fool immediately upon meeting Lady Lucien Lucien is giggly naive and understanding Each wonders if the other loves The Wild Side him and there s a LOT of talk about what men do and what women do While Iave enjoyed m preg stories in the past Lucien s pregnancy is a main source of tension and the talk of pregnancy symptoms and babies gets old very uickly Lucien is constantly sick nauseous and uncomfortable This is all very real but not in the least bit romantic I was also never clear on the idea of False Start how a male woman would miss that time of the monthThe book is fairly lengthy and the plot revolves around the various lords and ladies and servants and their doings with endless talk of who is related to whom and long descriptions of people s personalities At one point Lucien and Heathave a dinner party and the parade of guests goes on for pages My eyes glazed over and my brain shut downThere is a murder of a character we don t know mentioned once and never explained or related to the story I can only assume it s a setup for the next book in the series The few steamy scenes were lovely but I wanted of them and less of the constant talk of manners and customsIf you adore Regency give this one a try It s not a fast paced book but it is original and well written I loved this book and look forward to the entire series Yes it is an mpeg but I like these types of books so if you don t then this book is not for you This is a book I Tombland had been eagerly awaiting for months since Vicktor gave little snippets over time that only wet my appetite for its release I will say that I was very satisfied once I finished it in one setting for I could not put it down now I am looking forward to dessert. Othy Hawthorne is shocked and angry whene is betrothed against His Plaything his will to Lord Heathcliff Eddington III the Duke of Pompinshire While drowningis frustration at a popular gentleman's club Cuckolded! Taken By My Husbands Bully he meets Robert a gorgeous older man whome sleeps with as Timmy regardless of the potential damage to is reputation After their liaison Lucien corresponds with Robert via letters left. ,

SUMMARY Groom of Convenience Scandalous Whispers of the Remmington Realm #1