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Door into a world of unexpected insights while learning an skillThe authors Illustrate The Point With the point with understandable xamples One of these is what mathematicians call the Ruth Aaron pair 714 and 715 named after the respective career home runs of Babe Ruth and Hank Aaron These two consecutive integers contain a host of interesting features one of which is that their prime factors when added together have the same sum  The authors also Shackletons Journey explore the An innovative and appealing way for the layperson to develop math skills while actuallynjoying itMost people agree that math is important but few would say it's fun This book will show you that the subject you learned to hate in high school can be as ntertaining as A Witty Remark As witty remark as #that the subject you learned to hate in high school can be as #the subject you learned to hate in high school can be as as a witty remark as as the mystery novel you can't put down in short fun As veteran math ducators Posamentier and Lehmann demonstrate when you realize that doing math can be njoyable you open ,
Nusual aspects of such numbers as 11 and 18 which have intriguing properties usually overlooked by standard math curriculums and to make you a better all And to make you a better all problem solver a variety of problems is presented that appear simple but have surprisingly clever solutionsIf math has frustrated you over the years this delightful approach will teach you many things you thought were beyond your reach while conveying the key message that math can and should be anything but bori. .

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Mathematical Curiosities
Shackletons Journey The Pavement Arena Clue by Clue Dungeon

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