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The Boy Without a Name

Amanda Woody Æ 1 FREE READ

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So emotional Found this story originally on wattpad and liked the preview so much I rushed over to kindle to purchase "It Truly A Great Story "Truly a great story with emotion and turmoil This is the 2nd book of Amanda Woodys I ve read and I absolutely love the way she writes 1010 would recommend Powerful Poignant I Read the Kindle Version The Boy Without a Name is not the typical Young Adult book Woody deals beautifully with child abuse love and Jace's Pet hopelessness You will experience anger joy and great frustration You develop a kinship with a boy who s name youardly remember This book kept me up way too late to finish What an amazing book for Woody to debut on as an author It was a fast paced The Mistake (Off-Campus, heart wrenching book that really draws the reader into the struggles of the protagonist an abused teenage boy whoas no warm memory of Piraten! his life aside from the cold embrace ofis violent father Abused is probably an understatement this boy was maimed molested assaulted everything that most people fear of it appened to im With that being said it s not for the. Worthless Unloved PatheticAbuse is all The Complete Guide To Surfing Your Best he knows That and the fact thate's sixteen years old or so is brother Claims He Has Two He as two siblings they might be twins but e's not sure a seemingly deadbeat mother and a schizophrenic. Faint earted However I ighly recommend "it for readers who
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interested in the of the abused the unheard voices "for readers who are interested in the underground struggles of the abused the unheard voices those who can t call out on their own and for readers who are itching for an adventure I ave broken the different aspects of the book as follows plot characters and writingPlot 55I ve rarely read a fictional book where I was so drawn into the protagonist s emotions struggles and obstacles as this boy s The book sets a good pace in terms of ow much time was covered Nothing felt rushed and everything fit into place perfectly The small moments where the boy was able to enjoy imself was detailed but not dragging As the plot evolved and the lives of the characters intertwined it was artfully written and carefully pieced together leaving the reader surprised and wanting Humor was well incorporated throughout the book at proper times giving justice to the joyful saddening and bitter momentsCharacters 55I love me some good characters Although there were less than a dozen recurring characters each chara. FatherDon't ask The Women Of Apollo him foris name He doesn't The Escape (Hendersons Boys, have one He doesn't deserve a name For years the boyas been living in Lolo his family's basement locked up andidden from the eyes of the world known as Outside The only reason e knows ,
Cter was distinct and uniue in their own way They were so cleverly written that readers can tell that without mention of "a character s name their actions or dialogue Each as their own past and motivation "character s name their actions or dialogue Each Besorah Of Yahusha Natsarim Version has their own past and motivation what they do and say and readers can telp sympathize with them whether they were in the right or wrong The characters brought a lot to the book and gave the plot depth The Dauntless (Spy Girl Book 5) helping to carry the progression through in what felt like a very natural way It sard to pick out a favorite I just love them all Writing 55I mean it s a given Without good writing an author cannot make a Color of Jazz heart pounding plot and a wonderful character ensemble This novel is definitely geared towards Young Adult readers but as a reader who enjoys adult books this book was an absolute delight for me The writing is easy to read but it carries a lot of depth and meaning across every word no words or punctuationad been wasted Highly ighly recommend this book to any reader If this was Woody s debut novel as an author I cannot wait to see what
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comes up with Hat other people exist is because of the small window slab in the basement Every day e climbs to it and watches the same girl walk by at the same time She's beautiful Like The Magic Fart (Pornucopia, his sister but somehow different And one day she seesim.