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The whole a bit too heavy It s like a thesis in philosophy I think this book possesses the same flaw as so many other academic a thesis in philosophy I think this book possesses the same flaw as so many other academic it is unclear about what it is trying to accomplish That is to say it fails to present its information in a compelling way Although it does provide the reader with a clearly defined structure the sections feel seem very disjoint I m not sure whether this is the result of poor writing or bad choice of structure but ither way the result is a book that feels much like a jumbled collection of thoughts and observations about paradoxes rather than a united theory or narrative I imagine it was uite pleasurable to write but despite the merits of many of the ideas it presents these structural problems prevent it from being an Stolen Hearts enjoyable read This is a veryxcellent book outlining the analytic philosophical approach towards dealing with paradoxes Unlike say a mathematical logic approach to this problem which would probably define paradox strictly as a contradiction in a formal system the author s scope includes paradoxes which may arise through natural language and sleight of hands like Monty Hall otherwise wouldn t be viewed as a paradox which includes paradoxes that occur in word puzzle settingsThe author introduces several overall strategies to tackling paradoxes including Preemptive Strike which would be called refinement in other settings think naive set theory to Zermelo Frankel set theory the Bayesian Approach using a naive Bayes to determine posterior probabilities of paradoxes based on the likelihood of the predicates Odd guy out basically uestioning some hypothesis identified as possibly causing the paradox Its all Good arguing that the paradox arises to a type of linguistic legerdemain and You can t get there from here A Michigan reference it seems which uestions the reasoning where the paradox aroseOf these only two Odd out and Strike would probably be classified as a legitimate approach by mathematicians the would have been removed by well formedness arguments and the like Odd man out leads to. For paradox brings forth a picture of an ashtray with a no smoking symbol inscribed on it Proposing solutions Cuonzo writes is a natural response to paradoxes She invites us to rethink paradoxes by focusing on strategies for solving them arguing that there is much to be learned from this regardless of whether any of the powerful paradoxes is ven capable of solutionCuonzo offers a catalog of paradox solving strategies including the Preemptive Strike uestioning the paradox itself the Odd Guy Out calling one of the assumptions into uestion and the You Can't Get There from Here denying. When the MIT Essential series came out it focused on contemporary technology issues such as Open Access Crowdsourcing and Memes Having written a book in this series the opportunity to create a short title introducing a complex concept to non xperts offered the chance to shape the definition of that concept in my case about Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCsAs the series shifted to cover philosophy another major MIT list I was curious how the authors would treat subjects that unlike new technology had a history of dialog attached to them In the case of Paradox author Margaret Cuonzo a Professor of Philosophy at Long Island University helps non philosophers understand the intellectual challenges paradoxes have presented throughout history In addition to walking readers through well known Liar Sorites and not so well known paradoxes she describes various Strategies For Solving Them While Making The Compelling Case That for solving them while making the compelling case that is the hunt for solutions not the actual solving of them that make paradoxes so intellectually fruitful Pretty decent introductory text on the topic of paradoxes A good balance of general introduction classification of solutions and this history and future of the study of paradoxes their implications tc All in all a fun read and very informative I feel like I took away several particularly salient points about the various nuances and pitfalls of attempting to solve paradoxes that might be useful in my own work What kept this from being a 5 star book for me is that for a general audience text I thought there were too many places where there were big gaps in the discussion that could only be filled if you had some deeper idea of where Cuonzo was going with the thought which I imagine might be confusing for many readers and certainly gave me pause at some points But mostly I think this book succeeds in its general mission of taking the storied philosophical sub topic of paradoxes and condensing a lot of information about it into an asily storied philosophical sub topic of paradoxes and condensing a lot of information about it into an Amazon Affiliate -The Ultimate Guide to Making Money on Amazon easily volume for the motivated layperson Give it a shot I love the Lets Make a Deal paradox On. An introduction to paradoxes showing that they are than mere puzzles but can prompt new ways of thinkingThinkers have been fascinated by paradox since long before Aristotle grappled with Zeno's In this volume in The MIT Press Essential Knowledge series Margaret Cuonzoxplores paradoxes and the strategies used to solve them She finds that paradoxes are than mere puzzles but can prompt new ways of thinkingA paradox can be defined as a set of mutually inconsistent claims Online Marketing for Authors each of which seems true Paradoxesmerge not just in salons and ivory towers but in veryday life An Internet search.

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An interesting aside conversation the author makes on the UINE DUHEM THESIS WHICH STATES THAT IT IS NOT Duhem thesis which states that it is not to isolate and test an individual hypothesis from a set of hypothesisIn the mathematical context this seems silly but this is probably a very relevant conversation for a scientist including those in the social sciences which utilize partial and marginal arguments all the time mostly out of necessity as opposed to a clear thought out program a prioriOther topics covered include the various ideas of Zeno the semantical truth mappings of Tarski variations of the set of sets paradox Monty Hall and ven a small conversation of EPR at the Spot 50 Butterflies Moths endI thought the book was really good at conveying challenging material verbally I had to replay certain segments a few times and the book did suffer from not including any pdfs of diagrams but we ll worth the listen Highly recommend Smart book Clarifies much Not that I m not still confused Heavy reading I m not sure I absorbed the full implications of the different ways of solvingexcusing paradoxes but it was a geeky introduction to a field with no practical relevance to my life I very muchnjoyed this book and its mathematical approach to classifying paradoxes is something I hadn t ncountered before My only disappointment is that there was not a comprehensive overview or list of famous paradoxes It s pretty good and I definitely njoy the MIT Essential Knowledge series and will pick up of them Felt a little rushed near the nd Cuonzo takes us from Pythagoras to Kant to curre I m not sure what Led Me To The MIT me to the MIT Essential Knowledge Series but I know I wanted Self Tracking The library didn t have it however so I took what I could get Paradox And well it was a pretty good book that devolved into a collegiate homework assignment somewhere past the halfway markNote though that xpectations color my world I called it a pretty good book because I approached it as a cohesive narrative not as a reference guide The text itself began with interesting stories Intuitively one would think that a population of predat. The validity of the reasoning She argues that certain types of solutions work better in some contexts than others and that as paradoxicality increases the success of certain strategies grows unlikely Cuonzo shows that the processes of paradox generation and solution proposal are interesting and important ones Discovering a paradox leads to advances in knowledge new science often stems from attempts to solve paradoxes and the concepts used in the new sciences lead to new paradoxes As Niels Bohr wrote How wonderful that we have met with a paradox Now we have some hope of making progress. Paradox By Margaret Cuonzo
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