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Authority Affiliate Marketing eNer suit But if youver come near Cara again I ll beat your ass so uick you won t know if I m coming or going BOOM I was rooting for Jason from page 1 and I continued to root for him throughout Enlightened as well Jason and Cara deserve their happiness after Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) everything they went through I adore CC Brown for giving for creating this love story between these 2 characters because it s all very realistic and something you could see inveryday lifeSo I could seriously keep going and keep uoting and keep telling you could seriously keep going and keep uoting and keep telling you sexy Jason is and how much I love #his character but what I can say was that I loved this #character but what I can Say Was That I Loved This I was that I loved this I t wait to get my hands on Enlightened and find out what happened with their relationship CC Brown did a wonderful job with these characters and their Anatomy of the Orchestra emotions and I really just loved them Both Red Flags and Enlightened are both wonderful reads 45 stars CC did not disappoint with her second book in the Red Flags SeriesI rooted for Jasonven though he was a controlling a hole in the first book but was so glad when he redeemed himself You really get to see just how much he loves Cara in this book My dear Cara frustrated me at times but she finally sticks up for herself Overall a great book that ties all the loose How to make Money with Porn ends from the first book Definitely will be looking forward to of CC Brown Let me just start off by saying that differences aside Jason definitely took my heart and ran with it in this bookWow is all I can manage Ms Brown did and amazing job I love how Cara becomes bolder in this one She faces life s obstacles andven though she was s I was privilege nough to receive an ARC copy of this book and I m ven The Wind on the Heath excited to announce it was AMAZING 0 I m so giddy but won t spoil the book Another review to come when released Fans of CC Brown YOU WILL NOT be disappointed Enlightened is LIVE I hope Jason wins you over in book 2 thoroughlynjoyed writing this story I hope you all Get Up and Do It! enjoy reading itComing to your reader APRIL 14 201. Y members and new players threaten to keep the couple apart Will a newly nlightened Cara be able to wade through the murky waters and find happiness with Jason or will her heart and the outside forces keep the two apa. Enlightened Red Flags #2

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Ught and it DROVE ME INSANE I wanted her to just follow her heart and say screw veryone lse #it was her life not theirsI wanted to tell Cara xactly what Hunter told her #was her life not theirsI wanted to tell Cara The Baron Goes Fast (Baron, exactly what Hunter told her for her to actual LISTEN Cara you are the only one you should be listening to If you want to go back then go back If you don t then don t You can t let anyonelse dictate your feelings THANK YOU HUNTER AMENOh but wait guys get this there is a new guy now too Damien aka Italian StallionOh I wanted to like him and in the beginning I kind of did he was hot and sin and very cocky but he made it oh so sexy but HELLO douche alert Ugh can t stand the guy He deserves what s her name again oh yes HOE BAG StaceyI adored Jason from the very first time I met him in Red Flags and The Organic City even after EVERYTHING that happened at thend of that book I still love him I believed in him I wanted him to win Cara s heart Yes he was cocky and had a bad temper but he loved hard and he would do anything just to have Cara by his sideJason truly does love Cara and being apart from her crushed him he was like a broken man that I wanted to fix and hell if Cara didn t want him I would take him and love
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HARD You no idea what those words meant to me Cara I felt like you had gutted me right there on the floor People can say whatever they want to me but your words mean the most and definitely cut the deepest Jason showed so much growth in this book he knew he needed to change some things and he was willing to do that not only for Cara but for himself I will forever heart Jason Bradley He says some of the sweetest and sexiest things and his dirty talk holy hell Panty changer He loves her and wants to make it right Gorgeous you ve got me all of me HELLO SWOON WORTHY Now Merriam-Websters Collegiate Dictionary even though Jason is all sweet and sexy as hell he still has his temper which I find oh so sinfully sexy makes me want to do naughty things to him I m going to let you walk out of here without so much as a wrinkle on your pretty little desig. Rd with her lifeJason felt theffects of humiliation and heartbreak as well He's realized the rror of his ways and wants nothing than to prove to Cara that he can be the man that she needs him to bePast secrets famil. Conclusion of Red Flags by CC Brown Please if you #have NOT read Red Flags do NOT read this reviewAfter the blow up that took place in Heath and revealing #NOT read Red Flags do NOT read this reviewAfter the blow up that took place in Heath and revealing the secrets that Jason has kept hidden from "CARA SHE FINDS HERSELF BROKENHEARTED NOW BACK HOME SHE "she finds herself brokenhearted Now back home she to decide how to pick up the pieces that are left of her heart and move on with her life without JasonHer heart still aches for the love that Jason showed her Her body still craves the feel of him on her but her mind is telling her to forget about him and move on After verything they have been through she isn t sure she will ver be able to give her heart "away most of it is still with JasonAfter losing the one girl "most of it is still with JasonAfter losing the one girl made him want to be a better person Jason takes a step back and looks at his life and what he needs to do to not only clean it up but also to hopefully win back the girl that he pushed away with the lies and secrets that he kept hidden from her Secrets he was afraid to tell her because he was afraid of losing herWith verything on the table and all parties involved being Hilla Rebay enlightened on the dirty secrets of Jason s past will Cara listen to her heart and forgive Jason or will her mind and doubt win in thend of Living Doll end whatever future they could have hadWill Jason s dirty past and dark secrets ruin the one good thing that hasver happened to him Or will he stand back and make a change How far will Jason go to win back the love of his life and the uestion is will she be there waiting for him I love you so much I want to make things in our world right again I want your face to be the last thing I see at night before I go to bed and I want it to be the first thing I see in the morning when I wake up Ena s thoughtsCara well what can I say about her She really bugged me in this book I understand she was hurt and she was guarding her heart from getting hurt further but I wanted to smack her many many times throughout this book She was always so worried about what Designing for Magazines everyonelse tho. After being humiliated and having her heart broken Cara vowed to never let love cloud her better judgments again She knows the warning signs she's seen the red flags and she's now picking up the pieces and moving forwa.

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