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Eats a lot of events you already know about but in a different way and it adds and changes bits and pieces It is never boring The additions and changes suit the story completely There were a lot of moments when I felt as if a very dear friend whom I haven t seen for a very long time came back Even the heartbreaking moments are simply used not to be the focus of the story but rather to strengthen itIt starts with Richard Burton coming back from his successful mission to discover the source of Nile He was knighted for that achievement and was appointed the king s agent Soon he finds out that the British government was getting advice from an entity called Abdu El Yezdi Now when someone is kidnapping important scientists and a threat of a new danger is looming over the country Abdu El Yezdi isn t speaking anyThe time travel element is very strong in the story but not in a way it is in The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack where the character umps through time throughout the bookWhat I missed in the beginning of the book was Swinburne but he made up for it in the other half of the story I still wish he appeared earlier but I understand The story needed that particular set up before he appeared There are a number of things that make this book great but as far as I am concerned Swinburne is my favourite At three in the afternoon a falsetto screeching drifted up from the street below It continued for five minutes and was followed by the ingling of the doorbell The stairs creaked as Mrs Angell ascended She knocked entered and stood with hands on hips A small hobgoblin has invaded our hallway Does it have red hair Burton asked Oh is that what it is I thought the creature s head was on fire I was going to throw a bucket of water over it before chasing it away with my broom The next might not be something a lot of people find interesting but there is romance in this book than in others if nothing else but for Burton s frankness and willingness to share I never felt I belonged anywhere until I met her Burton replied Now I feel I can belong any place at all provided I am with her The ending itself is a bit rushed but since I saw there will be a fifth book I don t mind Come on Mark Hodder You re 80% of the way there Just a little bit fartherI ve had a lovehate relationship with this series since it began Hodder tells a pretty excellent alternate universe pulp yarn and while his writing started out a bit workmanlike and unpolished it s definitely improved as the books go on Unfortunately his particular weakness happens to be located right at one of my personal pet peeve points he can t for the life of him seem to write a female character who isn t the personification of some idealized Victorian trope The closest he s come has been Sister Ragavendra who occasionally gets to do something than stand about wringing her hands and has been Sister Ragavendra who occasionally gets to do something than stand about wringing her hands and obvious uestions to advance the plot but she still doesn t seem to have much agency of her own outside of the Burton centric plot One of the few female characters is named Mother Angell fer chrissakes she s even named after the trope she embodies Not a single one of his books have passed the Bechdel test And then in this story which is otherwise one of his best written yet minor spoiler ahead view spoilerhe decides to do some fridge stuffing Because obviously giving the male protagonist a revenge motivation is far important and interesting than anything his love interest might y know do while she was alive hide spoiler This is the fourth book in this A Burton and Swinburne Adventure series created by Mark Hodder If you love this book you will also want to check out The Curious Case of the Clockwork Man and Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon and The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack All HIGHLY recommendedThe two main characters couldn t be further apart and yet they link closely as a team seeing what is happening from different perspectives that compliments the otherBurton is a large man and an explorer and agent of the ueen while Swinburne is a diminutive poetIn this adventure Burton and Swinburne are dealing with the afterlife Burton is brought in an advised that the technology that has been implemented in the past 20 years has come from a spirit in the after life called Abhu El Yezdi Being a practical man Burton is highly suspicious of the so called afterlife however puts in best effort to resolve the problem The problem being that Abdu El Yezdi has gone silent ust when England needs him the mostResentment between England and Germany is escalating and it appears this is being driven by a group that believes in eugenics Eugenics believes in the supremacy of the strongest but goes further by arguing that rather than wait for nature to do this that man can accelerate the process through technological interventionFurther to Burton s ualms about the afterlife is the fact that he is due to get married And the bride s family are not happy with their daughter s choice in a potential husbandLost of action lots of twists and turns with a huge plot twist before the final battle between good and evilHighly RecommendedPOSSIBLE SPOILER ALERTIt should be noted that Abdu El Yezdi Is El Yezdi is anagram that tells you the end of the story Although still cryptic why not read the book and then you will agree that the following clearly relates to a major plot lineAbdu El Yezdi Bye Dualize. Resh from his discovery of the source of the Nile Appointed the king's agent he must trace the missing luminaries and solve the mystery of Abdu El Yezdi's silence But the Beast has been summoned How can the famous explorer fulfill his mission when his friends and loved ones are being picked off one by one by what appears to be a supernatural entity by perhaps Abdu El Yezdi himself.

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Arison for this method I first thought of American Horror Story TV series in which the same actors play different characters every season of the show But it s not the actors but the characters themselves who are rearranged here Maybe like the film Dark City in which people are shuffled into new identities every night It s still not uite an apt comparison DC comics Flashpoint storyline might fit the bill The book suceeds best if you were able to develop some affection for the cast through the prior books and remember the events of the prior books well This entry not only re introduces the characters but also key events You may recall an early scene in The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack in which Richard Burton staggers his way through the back alleys of London and is beset upon by well I m not going to spoil it but this event sets up a terrific mystery adventure This scene is re purposed here creating great dramatic tension to launch this combo retelling and continuation The book is not only retakes indeed it is mostly brand new material balancing new events and callbacks with surprise character re introductions in places Swinburne fans might miss his presence for the first chunk of pages but rest assured that he has plenty of terrific moments coming up I thought it was a fantastic balance of new and old and brilliantly follows the events of the first three books I thought the action was gangbusters for most of the book but in the latter half the pacing fell off around the time that it incorporates elements of Dracula and a little bit of Frankenstein too This is all that prevents this from getting a 5 star rating from me The prior books has occasional pacing problems too but this one s persisted through to the end once they set in It still managed to throw some surprises at me even though I have read it before I retain my reading much better these days thankfully and I remain stoked for the remaining volumes in this series which will be brand new to me and I am very excited I have to give out a shout out to the continuing awesomeness of the monochromatic covers by artist Jon Sullivan on the Pyr editions They are terrific images in and of themselves and in addition are incredibly faithful to the text which I m sure the author appreciates This is a great mishmash of a read merging Victorian personalities and great understanding of London at this time with a great imaginative storytelling This book along with the last one is a lot serious in its tone I found myself missing the humour of the first two bookshighly recommended to all Another fanciful ourney into the alternative Victorian world with Richard Burton and Algernon SwinburneEven after reading four of this series I still sometimes cringe at the use of real people thrown into an alternate reality True I read the Riverworld series many years ago which also prominently featured Burton But I ve learned so much about the man and the era since then that I guess I ve become particul This is the fourth book in Hodder s steampunk series Burton Swinburne Those who READ MY REVIEW OF THE THIRD my review of the third may remember that I was annoyed by an illogical twist near the end that soured me on a series I had mostly been enjoying This book builds on that illogical twist and adds some additional illogic of its ownIt s still a fun series in many ways I really like the characters and the books make me laugh out loud uite often This book s story is fairly straight forward than some of the others In The Series Anyway The Reader Already Knows The Secret the series anyway The reader already knows the secret Abdu El Yezdi from the moment he s first mentioned and can predict where many things are going based on that knowledge and other information provided beforehand I did like many aspects of where this story went aside from my complaints about the illogical eventsI debated with myself about whether to continue on and read the last two books in the series I m enjoying them but I m also frustrated by them at times and the premise is starting to lose some of its appeal I ve decided to stop here I ll miss the characters and I feel slightly bad about abandoning my fictional friends but I m ready to move on to other things I m also reasonably happy with where things were at the end of this book and I m not confident that I would be able to say the same by the end of the seriesA couple spoilers with a little bit detail about some of my complaintsview spoilerSo to briefly recap my objection at the end of book 3 was that Burton goes back in time and essentially causes the trouble that leads to him going back in time This book builds on that with Burton from the future stuck in the past and manipulating events to improve upon the things that went wrong in the timeline he traveled fromBurton s manipulation causes the Great Amnesia where nobody can remember what happened in the previo I love this series I completely understand why some people might not though You cannot read the books out of order It would be way too confusing And you cannot write much about them and not spoil somethingThe last book ended with a huge cliffhanger I hate cliffhangers but there are some books you simply overlook all that and eagerly wait for the next one I was wondering if it was possible to resolve all the piled up issues The book returns to all the characters that played important roles in the beginning especially in the first two It rep. Precedented peace and creativity But on the eve of a groundbreaking alliance with the newly formed Greater German Confederation scientists surgeons and engineers are being abducted including Brunel The government in search of answers turns to the Afterlife only to find that Abdu El Yezdi is now refusing to speak with the living Enter the newly knighted Sir Richard Francis Burton The only problem with the Mountains of the Moon was I wasn t sure where Hodder was going to be able to go from there With The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi he showed us where or whereS with a capital S There is no end to the amount of adventures the intrepid adventurer and his De Sade devotee sidekick can go And this the first in the continuing adventures packed a lot of possibilities into the punch Most of the characters you ve come to know and love and even revile are here in this ever changing tempestuous temporal tale I never like to ust spout off the plot in a review you can read a synopsis elsewhere What I want to get across is the sheer genius of Hodder s storytelling and his mastery of the time travel element We as the reader are left knowing than Burton as the story begins and from our omniscient point of reference we can see ust how convoluted is the time stream Reference is made to the other stories where needed to refresh our memories and the whole story flows in an organic and satisfying directionNeedless to say I loved this latest installment as much if not than the others because I can see the future unfurling for Burton and Swinburne First of all let me tell you that I love the seriesI belong to the group of readers who thought after reading book three that the series came to its endSo I was than happy when I found that the series will continue with a new story arcI was not sure which way Mark Hodder would go after the events in book three But he chose well and delivered a new incredible intense and intelligent story The reader needs to take care not to get lost in the time travel aspectsFor fans of the series it is good to know that they will meet again characters who appeared in the previous booksI can promise you that you will discover who is Abdu El YezdiThis is such a clever mix of history time travel steampunk elementsNow I look forward to read book 5 The Return of the Discontinued ManFortunately I own a copy When I know I m good and ready for a challenging read I know I can always turn to Mark Hodder s Burton Swinburne adventure series One really needs to put everything else aside and prepare for full throttle complexity and after reading this 4th book in the series I m thinking they re growing even convoluted than everEver since I read the first book in the series The Strange Affair of Spring Heeled Jack I ve been impressed with the author s creativity To be able to explore this world of Victorian age England in an alternate history version where Victoria is assassinated early in her reign is always fun Good steampunk novels time travel novels or old fashioned character driven historical novels can be difficult to write but to combine all of the above is a tough feat to pull off But Hodder does it once againSir Richard Francis Burton is the primary character of course and we see the story unfold through
his eyes i 
eyes I the other characters well drawn once again and great fun to follow along with as they encounter various historical figures and places in 19th century England Some are well known to us like Charles Darwin Bram Stoker Charles Dodgson Lewis Carroll while others are far less known at least to me but nevertheless important historical contributors My one complaint about this book is that I am probably ust not smart enough to read it I contributors My one complaint about this book is that I am probably ust not smart enough to read it I the same feeling when I read a Neal Stephenson book Time travel plots can certainly be convoluted with resulting paradoxes prompting bouts of head scratching puzzlement on the part of the reader but when said paradoxes drive the plot and the action the result can be absolutely confounding It was difficult to keep track of who was doing what to whom and when they were doing it Add to that a rather large cast of characters and we have a recipe for a complicated stew Paradoxes that result in branches to parallel universes and timelines abound throughout and I was not always confident that I was understanding Which Set Of Characters set of characters which version of the timeline I was observing For that reason I took off a star on my rating even though the fault is likely mine for ust not being smart enoughNevertheless the attempt was worth it ust to read Mr Hodder s prose and absorb his wit if nothing else I am anxious to see what comes in the next novel for it is evident that this universe has been blown wide open with this novel and there is no cap to what can happen next or previously I was surprised one day to discover this seuel and the later ones in this one of my favorite adventure series because I thought that the third book wrapped up the storyline of an altered history Britain perfectly if in a bleak fashion Although I was probably not paying close attention the first time that I read it Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon because some details in those final pages naturally lead to further outings I greatly enjoyed the madcap steampunktime travelledmysticalgene splicedmanipulated alt history world of the first three books Here we see the launch of an alt alt history or a Spring Heeled Jack Redux if you will Hodder takes his characters who have already been drawn from actual history and altered for this particular changed landscape and recasts them in a new re imagining of a world gone mad with technical social and cultural developments that it was ill prepared for the first time around I struggle to think of a proper comp. Burton Swinburne return in a new series The Beast is coming History will be remade Since the assassination of ueen Victoria in 1840 a cabal of prominent men including King George V HRH Prince Albert Benjamin Disraeli and Isambard Kingdom Brunel has received guidance from the Afterlife The spirit of a dead mystic Abdu El Yezdi has helped them to steer the empire into a period of un. .
The Secret of Abdu El Yezdi