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This was a pretty silly time travel book that was easy to Other Side of the Hill read but lacking in the attention I wanted for its characters It s not veryealistic of course given the setting and what the characters wouldshould do it s set in the Tudor era and the dialogue is not the best for it There s also a very sudden omance that doesn t develop further Carrie Ackerson RomanceThere s a little bit of magic in the silver charm Samantha s mother gives her for a 16th birthday present and when Sam wrecks her dad s BMW and wishes she were somewhere elseanywhere elseshe finds herself in Tudor England her current History study Sam helps the sickly young king Edward VI become healthy by identifying his allergies thus becoming a member of his Court When the King calls his best friend back from France omance blossoms But Sam and her new flame are politically dangerous to the King s adviser Sam needs to go back home to avoid The Tower When Home is alarmingly different Sam ealizes she has to eturn to Tudor England to fix history I thought this book was hilarious It was cleverly written I chose it because it was the most tattered Teen Romance I could find so I figured that it was well liked I HBR Guide to Finance Basics for Managers read this book probably around when it was first published and decided toead it again now I distinctly emember liking it the first time I personally very much enjoy historical fiction so that might explain it For the positives I like the idea behind the book I ve always enjoyed travel back in time type historical fiction and I don t mind that the ead not be 5g for the Connected World rigidly accurate to history though I dather things not be so far off that "It Is Nearly Unrecognizable It "is nearly unrecognizable It a light read and could possibly get younger Le Jardin Sur La Glace readers interested in history itself and other historical fictioneads Here s where the positives and could possibly get younger The Book of Shaine readers interested in history itself and other historical fictioneads Here s where the positives A lot of the story made no sense was way too black and white and I was confused by the character arc of the young King Edward He spent most of his life in elatively good health until that last illness and didn t live terribly long with it when he died His characterization is way too extreme and makes absolutely no sense Then there s the language Good god the. The Magic CharmIt was a lovely silver necklace with a strange antiue charm an early sixteenth birthday present from her parents But now Samantha clutched the charm desperate to disappear when her father discovered she'd wrecked his BMWSuddenly she was standing in the bedchamber of Edward VI the young ,

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Hrown back in time to England in "1553 to the castle of fifteen year old King Edward VI The sickly Edward thinks Sam is "to the castle of fifteen year old King Edward VI The sickly Edward thinks Sam is angel come to take him to heaven But with her modern knowledge Sam brings Edward back from the brink of death As
Months Go By Sam 
go by Sam to adjust to life in the past although she still longs for a way to Constipation return home Then she meets Barnaby a handsome nobleman and falls in love with him But court life in the sixteenth century is dangerous and Sam finds her life and that of her newfound love in danger Ieally though I d love this book since I enjoy stories with Jack the Giant Killer romance time travel and history and this book has all three However theomance between Samantha and Barnaby developed too uickly to be very believable and the ending was unrealistically happy The book was enjoyable while A Day in the Budwig Diet reading it but it just needed something at the end all I could think was that s it I don t think I decommend buying this book but it might be worth a Lambs To The Slaughter read if you can get it at the library I admit I was a little let down by the book It was a little juvenile and the idea that if Edward VI had lived he would have become such a tyrant that he would have made even his father look meek and mild mannered doesn t sitight A bit too fluffy and hurried for my tastes Sam turning 16 in a couple weeks decides to try a new look She and her friend dye and perm her hair at the same time and it turns into a disaster On the way to the drug store to try to find things to fix her hair she crashes her dad s BMW While studying Tudor England Sam desperately wishes to be somewhere else As she thinks this she is transported into King Edward s bedchamber This book is a very uick Córka Robrojka (Jeżycjada, read thats full of adventure and life at Edward s Court I wouldn tecommend buying this book but if you have a couple hours then I would The Neil Simon Collection recommendeading this Definitely is a entertaining Slate (Rebel Wayfarers MC, read when youe in middle school or high school and looking for the next paperback that makes your heart swoon Reading the book now the writing and story is a little juvenile I d love it if the end hadn t been so ushed But it s still a story I ll hold onto and ead again because I love the concept. Tried to come between them But Edward protected her especially as the ailing young king grew healthy and Do I Owe You Money? The Collected Memoirs of Ian Mosley rumors of marriage began She thought she was safe until a handsome young stranger stole her heart and swept her into the middle of deadly sixteenth century court intrigueCould she ever go home agai. Language Every time Iead a character from 16th century England saying yea I ground my teeth Hard Would it have been so hard to use an s instead The language of the characters was some odd combination between occasionally accurate to often an amalgamation of modern 21st century speech and vernacular used before the time period "I GET IT S A YOUNG ADULT NOVEL PROBABLY "get it s a young adult novel probably elementarymiddle school age but it still would have been nice to see just a tiny bit of EL SUTIL ARTE DE QUE (CASI TODO) TE IMPORTE UNA MIERDA (HARPERCOLLINS) research and accuracy done here There are vastly bettereads in the young adult historical fiction genre that are engaging and demonstrate some level of esearch done prior The book was a bout a girl named Sam who had just wercked her dads car and was going to get in alot of trouble for wrecking it Thats when her mother gave her a charm that had magic powers and was albe to go to the 1500s and she appeared in King Edwards bedchamber and after that she met some other famous people like ueen Elizabeth and his cousin Lady Jane Grey who was very smart and cunning Sam also met a knight named Banaby Fitzpatrick who was the kings loyal companion She got caught messing up England and tried to un away to London but instead ended up at home there she elized that Barnaby had come with her and they helped him fit in to this century My opinion about the book was that it with her and they helped him fit in to this century My opinion about the book was that it me about history and present it was interesting I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book It s so cheesy and so contrived but I love every minute of it I ve e The Diary of Darcy J. Rhone (Darcy Rachel, read it several times One of my favorite young adult books This may have been interesting as an introductoryead to history when I was 8 but a lot of her facts are wrong the story was WAY too fast paced and the love story was unbelievable Also the traveling through time was not well thought out and didn t make sense at
The End This Was 
end This was of the worst written books I ve ever 7 Navykov Vysokoeffektivnykh Lyudej read Highly disappointing when I thought it was to be a fun fluffy slightly historicalead Sixteen year old Samantha McKenna has just wrecked her dad s precious new BMW and she s desperate to escape Clutching her birthday present an antiue locket she wishes desperately to escape and finds herself Ing of England in 1553He was her own age and cute Why hadn't she studied her history Sam only knew that Edward had died at about sixteen and she was determined to save him He seemed to expect her He called her my sweet angel She should have ecognized the danger when the scheming Duke of Northumberland. ,
Timeless Love
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