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ueen Elizabeth IIA uite pleasurable reading I got the impression that the first one hundren pages were copy pasted from George VI s biography from the same author ntire passages looked rather familiar word for word similar even but I might be wrong After a stumbling start though it is actually a uite vivacious but I might be wrong After a stumbling start though it is actually a uite vivacious of Elizabeth II and the British monarchy Not overly detailed like a light and very very sympathetic overview On a side note if I may Prince Philip is an international treasure God save the Prince Consort Extremely well written giving a high level yet very informative description of this ueen and her history as Monarch during my history as a commoner There s a lot of information packed into this short book I recommend it to anyo High uality very informative provides uick reading I Ve Been Reading This Off And ve been reading this off and since I picked it up in a hospice shop in London in September It s very well re. From Sarah Bradford the best selling author of George VI Elizabeth and Diana the definitive biography of ueen Elizabeth II to tie in with the Diamond Jubilee Elizabeth II has lived through the Abdication the Blitz and World War Two the sex and spy scandals of the swinging sixties the Cold War and the nuclear threat and the Fall of the Berlin Wall She has known 11 US Presidents including JFK and Ronald Reagan and other world leaders like President Mandela and Pope John XXII Her Prime Ministers have ranged from Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher to David Cameron the last Only Ten Years Older ten years older her grandson Her own family xperiences .

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S particularly valuable for the author s rapid summary of British And Political Change In political change in second half of twentieth century The author is clearly a devoted admirer of the ueen but this loyalty does not stop the book from being a fascinating and useful insight into how the British constitution works Bradford s work has The Writers Handbook 1999 encouraged me to pick up biographies during 2013 if I have time And now back to the real world of YA and children s novels 255 I was hoping for something focused on the character of ueen Elizabeth on her personality and personal history rather than a uite standard list of facts and politicalvents Nice readable biography Good at putting her reign in context of broader issues OF BRITISH HISTORY WHICH OF COURSE British history which of course a critical part of her reign I would have liked insight into who she is as a person It was well written but I didn t learn anything new about the ueen. Ord's forte Rock Hounding out of Bishop ever since she was a history mad girl is thinking herself into other lives' Daily Telegraph Sarah Bradford is a historian and biographer Her books include Cesare Borgia 1976 Disraeli 1982 winner of the New York Times Book of the Year Princess Grace 1984 Sacherevell Sitwell 1993 Elizabeth A Biography of Her Majesty the ueen 1996 America's ueen The Life of Jacueline Kennedy Onassis 2000 Lucrezia Borgia 2005 and Diana 2007 She freuently appears on television as an authority on her biographical subjects and as a commentator on notable royalvents She is currently working on a full scale biography of ueen Victoria She lives in Londo. Searched and isn t so much a biography as it is a look at modern British history and the ueen s role in it From her childhood to her uncle s abdication to her father s accession to the throne WWII and her dealings with prime ministers from Churchill to Blair it is much in depth into British politics than I would have xpected Not as much personal information other than the family scandal stuff we already know Informative read if not thrilling A good history lesson of England and the world Informative It s interesting good history lesson of England and the world Informative It s interesting see the ueens Life in relation to political vents But her personality remains too distant I decided to have a complete break from YA and children s fiction over Christmas and picked this up Despite an opening couple of chapters that would have been confusing for anyone without a working knowledge of the Windsor family tree it was a very njoyable and interesting read It wa. Mixture of happiness and crisis weddings and divorces and in the case of Diana violent death have been lived in the glare of tabloid headlines More than 2 billion people watched the wedding of her grandson Prince William to Catherine Middleton in 2010 shortly before she made the first State Visit to Ireland by a British monarch for 100 years Our world has changed in her lifetime than in any of her predecessors' the ueen has world has changed in her lifetime than in any of her predecessors' the ueen has a calm presence at the centre arning the respect of monarchists and republicans How has she done it 'Bradford has a real grasp of history and the ability to make it spark into new life' Sunday Telegraph 'Bradf.