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O the other person I would never marry or be ngaged to anyone twice If they hurt me one they will do it again with bells be Other Side of the Hill engaged to anyone twice If they hurt me one they will do it again with bells whistles on Once would benough for me I know Stephen was a nice guy and he tried to do the right thing but it just seemed like no matter what he did it would hurt someone So he chose to hurt Lindsey because she did not have anyone dependent on her She just had herself I am glad true love won in the Fox and the Box end but Lindsey suffered for five years She didn tven move on and find someone lse She was really hurt I would definitely read this again but I don t think my feeling would change about the outcome SPOILERS t think my feeling would change about the outcome SPOILERS ENTIRE REVIEW This story has an interesting storyline This book is about a girl Lindsey who is xtremely bothered by the death of her father and last minute decision by her fiance to break off the wedding Now her fiance at the time Stephan found out that he had a son with another woman he barely knew and decided to break it off with Lindsey and marry this other girl instead because he felt it was the right thing to do Five years later Lindsey comes back into town and realizes she still loves Stephan whose wive died of cancer a year HBR Guide to Finance Basics for Managers earlier Eventually they realize that they are perfect forach other and Stephan s of cancer a year arlier Eventually they realize that they are perfect for ach other and Stephan s Tyler helps bring them together Now there are other side stories in the novel but this is most of it I liked the book based on my rating however there were some things i disliked1 When Lindsey got to town she accidentally ran into Stephan way too much I know its a small town but come on let s be realistic here2 I know that Stephan regrets his one night stand with Tyler s mom but I think his decision to marry her and break of his relationship with the love of his life Lindsey was a little drastic I think in realistic terms it could have been handled better3 There was a little too much basic preachy stuff I njoy the Christian aspect of these books but I don t like when they state the obvious a million times in one chapter Occasionally I like some good points or some provoking uestions but the religious part of this novel was really basic and didn t really add to the story I think it was in. Indsey fled town But no sooner does she hit city limits than Stephen pulls her over for a broken taillight Despite the past he's still able to stir up Lindsey's old feeling.

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There just to call the book Christian4 Lindsey s overwhelming grief of her father after 5 years was discussed a little too much I started to say Ok oki get itnow move on with the story5 And finally I felt the book left a few too many uestions and ended too uickly it could have drug on too uickly It could have drug on little I wanted to see Tyler s reaction to their ngagement and things like that To Le Jardin Sur La Glace end just with the rengagement Stopped The Novel Way the novel way uickly What about Lindsey s BB Was she going to open a new one Did Stephan take his new promotion Things like these were not fully answered for meAnd although these are all negatives I still The Book of Shaine enjoyed the story and despite its unrealistic storyline it was very cute These Christian romances Love Inspired with clean storylines no language and no graphic sensuality beyond just a kiss is a breath of fresh air compared to other romances these days I love reading them and this one is another goodxample I have NEVER been so upset about a book I mean I know it s fiction but I feel it was completely and totally WRONG I read it 5 times trying to figure out what I was missing Like when he says that when he said his vows to Bethany he shut the door to Discover Cooking with Lavender ever having a future with Lyndsey you can t be in love with someone one minute and then just shut it off AND THEN HE SAYS THAT HE DOESNT REGRET ANYTHING ABOUT HIS MARRIAGE and thatven if he could change the past he s not sure he would really If he doesn t regret marrying Bethany then that means he doesn t regret NOT marrying Lyndsey he says he STILL loves her implying that he s loved her Constipation even through his marriage And he says he and his wife were like best friends than husband and wife and heventually grew to love her So does he mean he grew to love Bethany in a platonic way And continued to love Lyndsey Or did he really just forget about Lyndsey and Jack the Giant Killer eventually love Bethany The fact that he says he probably wouldn t change the pastven if he could tells me that he would rather have not married Lyndsey than go back an A Day in the Budwig Diet erase the mistake of sleeping with Bethany IF he could IT MAKES NO SENSE One minute he loves Lyndsey and the next he s glad he married someonelse WHAT THE HECK. S for him Now a widower and single dad Stephen recognizes a second chance when he sees one And he'll do anything to make Lindsey trust in God and take a risk for love again. .
Lakeside ReunionLisa Jordan knows how to write a debut novel like a seasoned author Lakeside Reunion is a lovely blend of regrets transformed by forgiveness Jordan s characters are true to life and her writing skill alternately brought tears to my Lambs To The Slaughter eyes or caused me to laugh out loud Can t wait to read Jordan s next novel I like the whole jilted for another storyline One of my favourites and being a woman of faith I connected with the way faith is threaded through this book but for some reason which I cant put my finger on this was a miss than hitview spoilerThe h was grieving five years on and she still hadn t moved on from her father passing away or being jilted the two happening within a short time ofach other I connected with the h and felt her pain on her grief over her fathers death But her relationship with the H and how that progressed felt forced to me I just couldn t suare how she got thrown over a week before the wedding It seems she s the one that sacrificed most for the H s honor After all its the one that s left behind that hurts the most the one that makes the decision makes it to move forward In this case the H made a family life at her Córka Robrojka (Jeżycjada, expense view spoiler hide spoiler This story gives a person a lot to think about Stephen Chase broke hisngagement with his fianc for a baby he had out of wedlock with another woman Which broke Lindsey s heart so she left town and opened a bed and breakfast She still had feelings for him Stephen s wife died of cancer and then he started wanting Lindsey back in his life She did not Want To Fall In Love With Him Or His Child to fall in love with him or his
she was hurt by him story is about second chances but I think it would be really hard to marry someone after they dump you for someone lse If Bethany had not died Stephen would have stayed married to her out of honor I guess he felt he did the right thing but why couldn t he have seen the child without breaking another person s heart I tried to follow this story from being to nd but it just seemed so wrong that he dumped Lindsey for another family Then when his wife dies he wants Lindsey back It s like marrying for the wrong reasons but you still want the tie Bed and breakfast owner Lindsey Porter prays she won't run into Stephen Chase when she returns to Shelby Lake Five years ago the cop jilted her to marry another woman and .