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Never By James Patterson

James Patterson ☆ 1 CHARACTERS

Bah humbugWhere to start where to start Let s start with Fang going all goo goo eyed over Max s clone Maya Then Max thinking suirrel thoughts about Dylan Maya dying and Fang thinking shit she died well I better go The Alpha Wolf Bent Me Over rejoin my old flock and suck up to Max Fang being all like Max I love you this is about you and me Dylan being all This book isn t even about saving the world Heck it s a love triangleteen drama with a dash of sci fi Who CARES about Fang segrets Who CARES about Dylan s love issues Who CARES if Max can t pick between the two guysBecause dear eaders there are than TWO GUYS ON THE WHOLE FREAKING PLANET When will the heroine just wake up and see Hang on a sec These guys are both stupid and I should find someone else So the plot was all kind of Max s POV Whine about Fang and make Bambi eyes at Dylan Fang s POV Feel all tingly when talking to Maya but feel guilty about it cause of Max Dylan s POV Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Max Angel s POV AHHHHHHHH Someone HELP ME Ooh I can see the present as well as the future AHHHHHHHHHHH HALT Actual plot occurs There is a 99% plan going on Evil scientist stuffAGAIN Max s Pov see previous Fang s POV Maya dead so now speaks gruffly and makes intense gaze stuff at Max Dylan s POV see previous Shit I hate Fang why can t he go die in a hole Angel s POV AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Mention plot briefly Max s POV see both previous mentions Fang s POV Dylan s POV Angel s POV AHHHHHHH oh forget itAnd so onAnd at ANY POINT did it mention that Max had grey hairNONADAAlsowhat is Never The book didn t even MENTION the WORDME NO COMPREHENDEThis book had pained me Greatly I will now have to find a GOOD book and ecover from this harrowing experiencePre The Heart of Business reading Review Myeaction exactlyI can t stand how this series is now about three things1 Max and her issues 2 Fang and his whole I think we Treasures of Darkness re better apart things3 Dylan and his puppy dog tailing of MaxIn other words it has turned into a cross between Bold and the Beautiful and Twilight And the fact this series has been dragged out over 8 books What is this The series would have gotten 5 stars had it ended in Max Book 5 Fang Max the flock is happy the world is saved But no Just keep on adding books I totally scanead the last one And that cliffhanger It wasn t even a cliffhanger To me it was like Oh we need an excuse for another book so here is a totally boring cliffhanger Angel is captured Again The world needs saving Again END THE SERIES Please For good this timeDon t get me wrong I loved the first lot of books I was obsessed But now I think the series needs needs NEEDS to be drawn to a close and to concentrate on the REAL plot like the first couple of books did They were about SAVING THE WORLD NOT about WHICH GUY DO I CHOOSEPlease Never I don t care if Max is 80 with grey hair cover and Fang decides to Winning Sports Betting Strategies with Betaminic Big Data Tools for Football Betting Systems: A step-by-step guide to using the Betamin Builder Data Analysis ... soccer betting systems (English Edition) relocate to Mexico Just END THE SERIES WELL Save the world and let us go back to our lives FINAL RATING 335 STARS CATCHALL Was this book perfect Not by a long shot But did I absolutely love it Yes It had a ton of problems don t get me wrong but my overall satisfaction with the book was high I do wish that some parts had been done differently and that some of the problems had come to better solutions But despite this book s problems yes I did love it It was a fun and uickead in between some of the heavier stuff I ve shouldered lately THE HEROINE MAXSo Max The first time I Menopause and the Mind read about Max She was awesome The freaking epitome of badassery And as the series progressed she didn t necessarily get that much worse but there was some sort of decay In this book I felt like she was a bit on the whiny side and didn teally focus on the big picture but on the little things Even so I don t think I could ever hate Max By the very end of this book anyway she seems to grow into herself THE LOVE INTERESTS FANGI love Fang I always have Because he s so strong and yet also vulnerable And I think that s the way a lot of people are to be honest And even though he s of the strong and silent type he also isn t afraid to express his feelings when he needs to He can be incredibly extremely sweet and I love that Further even if his head isn t always in the Software (The Body Electric Book 4) right place his heart is Fang is easily my favorite character in these books EasilyDYLANI don t like Dylan To begin with he s very bipolar Extremely so He ll seem to be sweet one moment butampaging angrily the next No one who isn t bipolar does that I basically can t stand him and am glad I don t have to breathe the same air as him I dislike him that much yes THE OTHER IMPORTANT PERSON Directly translatable to I was too lazy to think of a good headerANGELAngel is definitely an important character She s the one who can see the future and that b So ExcitingI ll be sad that the whole series ends here but I can t wait for it to come out Nor can I wait for the cover It should be epic This book had better be amazing or I ll kill someone and then demand a Internet Marketing Essentials re write by Mr Patterson Agh I love Fang Just saying PS I ll kill another person if Max chooses the D man instead of Fang Also just saying Update July 4th 2011 Okay so the there s the title Woo No noteally That is not the title that I expected Never sounds like something about vampires It doesn t sound like something our good old friend Mr Patterson would come up with but oh well I ll stop complaining and go with it Update February 12th 2012 Oh my goodness Look at it Look It FINALLY has a cover I mean it looks like it s something from manga and the title kind of stinks but still My hopes for this book to be amazing are lowering continually It s uite sad Update September 11 2012After waiting so freaking long for this freaking book this is what I freaking Update September 11 2012After waiting so freaking long for this freaking book this is what I freaking What the freak ness No Just no The whole book was word vomit with occasionally humorous Max Sarcasm thrown in topped off with even word vomit PLUS Way too fast and I mean WAY too fast of a book I guess I shouldn t be surprised what with the crappy cover and title and all The only good thingSPOILER that came from this was that Max ended up Fang Enough said Mr Patterson let me just say I m not very happy with you at the moment EDIT I finished Below is my Internet Marketing Revealed review of pretty much theest of the series Writing a Email Advertising Crash Course review on just this book would be too hardBefore I even begin let me begin by apologizing for what I m sure will turn into aant I m sorryFirst off Never What the heck was James Patterson thinking The first three titles The Angel Experiment School s Out Forever and Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports were great They were definitely definitely uniue I could even live with The Final Warning although let s face it it was anything but final But once he started naming his books by the names of the main characters the titles just lacked excitement and general appeal A book called MAX wouldn t attract my attention if I just happened to Curse of the Black Widow run into it at the bookstore Secondly Oh Okay here we fucking go If you think that this book and this series and James Pattersonwhatever ghost writer he hired this time is the best thing since sliced bread and think thiseview is wrong or too harsh or it was just a book than don t even bother commenting If you say Oh well I m afraid I ll have to disagree on such and such that S Fine Do Not Tell Me My Review Was Wrong fine Do not tell me my Sećanja review was wrong uestion why I felt this way about something If I got something wrong you can point that out it s fine However if my facts are correct do not tell me I m wrongOh yeah and there will be a lot of spoilers You were warnedAlright now we begin Well I guess I should say where exactly do we begin Back in November of 2010 I picked up the first installment in this series because I was looking for something cool. Maximum Ride and her faithful friends standeady to face the two greatest threats that humankind has ever known now combining forces in an unbeatable plot to destroy life as we know it once and for all And this time the enemy truly can't be stopped The danger moun. ,
N t You will A Guide to A Long Way Gone By Ishmael Beah regret itview spoilerNow that that s over and done with I think we should all stand back and give James Patterson a hugeound of applause He definitely ended it with a bangliterally Way to go James Thanks for writing thisMaya Oh Maya Maya Maya I Get Social - The Ultimate Online Marketing Guide For Social Good Companies really want to smack you Maya I m not ashamed to admit that when she died I literally whooped Call me heartless I just never liked her character And the fact that Fang was getting allromantic with her disturbed me on so many levels Um helloooo Mr Fang youe currently flirting with the clone of your ex girlfriend Ladies if you ever meet a guy that does that trust me he s not over you Anyways it was an interesting death scene but I ll get to the whole Ari thing laterAdmittedly I was not expecting Star and Kate to betray Fang That Natural Stone in the Built Environment really surprised me It was a cool plot twist though and it gave them a little depth than they had before Ratchet and Holden were stillhrm well not as interesting Now we get back to Ari I actually kind of liked that plot element mainly because it put Jeb in a position that made him look like he actually cared about Ari which I liked Makes Jeb a little harder to hate which he needs in my humble opinionI waseally surprised that Gunther Hagen made NO Internet Marketing for Smart People reappearance whatsoever Really startled He was mentioned at one point to Dylan I believe but still Moving ontoMark and the 99 percenters Oh and the ending Joy Hm Weeeeell to put it bluntly it seemed anti climactic There was a huge build up to this virus and then a meteor explodes Having chatted with a friend of mine I know I m not the only one who went wait what at that part about the ending later The 99 percenters seemed to be almost unnecessary they were basically the Doomsday Group people all over again The Flock Theiroles in this novel Spanked in her Messy Diaper (An ABDL Tale) really ticked me off Nudge her sole purpose in this book was to whine about school go on a date then whine about school This make Ruthie unhappy Dx Iggy Gazzy they both hadeally small Tales From Underwood roles Nothing super important which once again makes meather unhappy I wish they played bigger parts Total back again but not much to do same old same oldAnd then there s Angel I m not sure if I m happy or displeased with the fact that she s Max s voice It was a very interesting plot element but does that mean she was the voice for all the other members of the Flock What about her own voice And how was Jeb able to control some things in Max s voice if it was Angel the whole time It didn t fit 100% with the After the Kiss (Sex, Love Stiletto, rest of the story but I m willing to let that slide because at least it was explained P Ieally hated her scenes in the school mostly because I don t like it when she suffers Except when she s a traitorbackstabber which she wasn tPrepare for Malcolm McDonald on Marketing Planning ranting now I talk about him Dylan beautiful perfect funny popular Max s other half and for part of the book aampaging idiot who tries to kill Fang Oh the joy of hormones I ll talk about Fang in the below paragraph but basically I m a fan of him I m not a fan of people who punch him in the face Although it s about time That fight has been coming for a while now I m not sure I followed why Dylan decided to go Digital Marketing In A Week rampaging and play whack a car because to me personally I don t think that idea was the most intelligent one on Dyl s part Oh well He was DEFINITELY developed in this book than the others and I will say I liked him in this book then I have in the past two He had depth and I didn t want to throw the book against the wall every time he spoke which is a plusThe Fangalator I was impressed with him in this book not as sulky as he has been in the past And way to go Fang for manning up and going back to Max Go him Yay He seemed a little mature here then has has been I think this book was a big step for a lot of characters and I waseally happy to have him back with Max I don t have a lot to say about him Le commerce des fourrures en occident a la fin du moyen-age (2 vol) really but I was pleased overall with hisoleThere were some characters brought back in this book that have previously had a bigger ole then they did in this one mainly Dr Martinez and Ella Dr Martinez was mind controlled by Jeb for part of the book "And She Was Working "she was working the school on Angel Other than that and a few spots at the end she didn t do much SadlyElla was there and she was a okay No mention of her getting wings or anything Hrm She DID kiss Iggy though and that was fantasticThe whole paradise thing was pretty cool There were a few chapters in that area where I was deliriously happy Faxness and Paradise what could a eader want Clearly I should ve smacked myself upside the head for thinking that it would be a happy ending As I said earlier I found the ending to be anti climactic I was a little let down that there was no virus and a meteor just exploded above the earth Authority Affiliate Marketing raining down chaos and fire and blahblahblah Ahem Pardon me for not finding that as cool as it would be if all their skinotted off their bodies Especially Dylan That would be cool One thing though at the end there it gave NO confirmation to whether Iggy Gazzy Nudge and Ella survived We knew that Dylan Fang Max and Angel survived but it didn t confirm to whether the Using Twitter For Business (Stuff Made Simple Book 4) rest of the flock lived OO Ieally hope they lived I Anatomy of the Orchestra reallyeally hope they livedOnce again I How to make Money with Porn roll my eyes at the concept that there are tons of other mutant kids but now living on an island with theichest guy in the world Okay I ll shut up nowFinally before I bring this eview to an end I must talk about Max Max what shall we do with you For uite a while in the middle of the book I was prepared to grab my pen and eplace Max s name with Bella Swan Goodness gracious Maximum could you uit your whining It was the helpless maiden all over again HOWEVER it wasn t as prominent as the last book and I was thrilled with that She definitely pulled it together and had limited boy sob fests Which was good Very much so She ended up The Wind on the Heath realizing she loved Fang D andealized that Dylan was not her man I loved loved LOVED that As you all know I m a Fax supporter Really though she could ve stopped going on about Dylan s gorgeous looks and just pulled it together sooner Ah well she s not perfect Far from itI was positive she was going to die in this book and she did sort of Not completely I thought she was dead for about 3 minutes there but I was too shell shocked to actually do anything about it Fortunately Max was not dead justfloating Or something In shock probablyI may have missed some things I wanted to talk about seeing as it s pretty early in the morning as I m writing this so if I did I ll come back and edit later hide spoiler YES THE END I thought I would NEVER hear it Thank you Mr Patterson that you FINALLY PUT THIS SERIES OUT OF ITS MISERY I mean eally who continues a series for 8 BOOKS At least a dying series don t comment on that Its not that I don t love these books cuz I do but the plot died miserably back in book four then was unfortnuatly birthed into the hell that is NO FAXNESS back in book six Lets just say This Better Make Up For better make up for crap that was the last two or four Saying that I have a few Reuests 1 Fang FAXNESS BABY 2 Dylan dies 3 Maya diesAnd I think we e cool here Yep As long as ALL of this happens I ll be happy My wishes for the last maximum Repeat Performance ride book 1 Don t have the title be the end of maximumide or be the name of someone in the flock useless it s iggy that I someone in the flock useless it s iggy that I live with2 TEAM FANG Enough saidif Max and Dylan end up together I will burn every maximum Newsjacking ride book BECAUSE FANG ROCKS and I don t like Dylan why didn t he die in Fang I would have been much happier if he had died but I guess than having he in the book would have pointless Dylan sucksI think that title supposed to be never so one wish is granted Team Igg. The entire world hangs in the balance In this powerful and moving latest seuel in James Patterson's epic fantasy series fans will finally get the answers they've been waiting for and an ending full of shock surprises and the greatest conclusion you never saw comin.