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The Kings Nursemaid hIt is all in the themes I guess and few writers write about themes that get under my skin in uite the same way that Barnes does All the same I d better not run ahead of myselfThis book is based on a true story Iad wondered if it was true as I was reading it and although I knew that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was or less real i What a great premise for a work of Outback Survival historical fiction Take a larger than life figure known to all makeim larger still and overlay Satans Fall his story on top of one with little fame but deserving of The acclaimed character was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who turned out to be even intriguing thanis detective stories would suggest From early days in Mam s kitchen listening to chivalric tales of adventure to Collected Stories heroics in sports and at war Arthur liked thinking ofimself as an Reassuring Tales honorable knight of the realm Sherlock if anything is downplayed in this account while the events ultimately connecting Arthur to George are brought to the fore Without tripping the spoiler alarm I can say that Georgead a stolid less imaginative life growing up in a vicarage His small bit of fame made uite a story though And thanks to Arthur post Victorian England came to know it And thanks to Julian Barnes we ve come to know it too Barnes made the telling seem so effortless He evoked the formal era but in a readable way What s e gave the characters plausible words and thoughts It was well researched clearly often using personal letters as sources The only reason I take a star away from an otherwise fabulous book is that an extrapolation in George s thoughts at the end didn t ring true for me I strongly recommend 998% of this book and I thank the astute Anglophile I married for recommending it to me The lives of

Two Very Different Men Intersected 
very different men intersected the early 20th Century Arthur Conan Doyle was the famous author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries a medical doctor and a sportsman George Edalji was the son of a Vicar from India The extremely near sighted man with a logical mind studied law George was a victim of unfounded accusations and convicted of a crime e did not commit Racial prejudice and a web of speculation rather than the truth #led to George s conviction Arthur was upset with the miscarriage of justice and worked to clear George s nameThe # to George s conviction Arthur was upset with the miscarriage of justice and worked to clear George s nameThe of the book was very choppy with alternating short chapters about the boyhoods of each man but the later chapters became longer and smoother I enjoyed learning about the life of Arthur Conan Doyle is family the causes e championed and Tokyo Encounter his interest in spiritualism George Edalji s story was told in great detail and with compassion The book explored themes of truthonor justice racial prejudice and faith 35 stars THE BLURB As boys George the son of a Midlands vicar and Arthur living in shabby genteel Edinburgh find themselves in A VAST AND COMPLEX WORLD AT vast and complex world at Wirtschaftsgesetze, 35. Auflage: IDW Textausgabe heart of the British Empire Years later one struggling withis identity in a world Scribbleboy hostile tois ancestry the other creating the world s most famous detective while in love with a woman who is not ElfQuest his wife their fates become inextricably connectedIn Arthur George Julian Barnes explores Arthur George isistorical fiction at its best This novel trails two lives George an Anglo Indian son of a vicar and the famed author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle George who is possibly on the Asperger syndrome spectrum suffers racism and prejudice from the all white English children doesn t look like much Dear Black Boy has changed in parts of the UK today at school As an adult littleas changed in the small town as George is framed and sentenced for a crime that Tote Sprache: Cartoons auf Latein heas not committedArthur who would appear manic or bi polar in the modern era sees a chance to become is own Sherlock Holmes type in real life and takes on the case gratisPart of the secret. Shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction 2005Arthur and George grow up worlds and miles apart in late nineteenth century Britain Arthur in shabby genteel Edinburgh George in the vicarage of a small Staffordshire village Arthur becomes a doctor and then a writer; George a solicitor in Birmingham Arthur is to become one of the most famous men of is age George remains in The Professional Victims Handbook hardworking obscurity But as the new century begins they are brought together by a seuence of events which made sensationaleadlines at the time as The Great Wyrley OutragesGeorge Edjali's father is Indian is mother Scottish When the family begins to receive vicious anonymous letters many about their son they put it down to racial prejudice They appeal to the police to no less than the Chief Constab. .
Arthur George
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To the success of the novel I feel that Julian Barnes also
Wrote Crime Fiction A 
crime fiction for a under an alias and e really utilises those skills in Arthur George This novel is a wonderful exploration of the ideologies of the era with deep characterisation It moves seamlessly between multiple genre from realist to drama to thriller to from realist to drama to thriller to to courtroom drama It s a marvelous work and a must read for any lover of istorical or literary fiction It s magnificent I give five stars sparingly so I was torn between giving and four and a five ere Ultimately though when I considered that I d put aside all other tasks one weekend to devote to finishing this book I decided that this was five star materialThe last book I d read by Barnes England England was a bit of a disappointment it came off it seemed to me like second rate Tom Sharpe But this book was a different matter I especially liked the way it unfolded alternating from one central character to the other shedding light on both in the process I resisted going to the Internet to see if in fact Barnes ad created the George character and when after finishing the book I read that George was based on a real person the creation of the character seemed even impressive There s a realism underpinning the book that speaks to In the Days of the Comet Seventeen Short Stories (Works of H.G. Wells 10) how shall I put this mature audiences Let s just say after fifty or so a measured approach to life emerges and as such speaking personallyere there s less patience with relentlessly upbeat or rosily romantic themes Arthur and George resonates on a variety of levels not the least of which is a clear eyed appraisal of the nature of relationships personal romantic and family Finally those interested in the late Victorian and Edwardian periods will be struck by Period Power how effortlessly Barnes puts the reader into that milieu A thoroughly enjoyable and from what I can divineistorically accurate telling of the intersecting lives of George Edalji and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle The former being the earnest son of a country Vicar a myopic solicitor who also Biblical Standard for Evangelists happens to bealf South Asian in ancestry The latter being the fascinating chivalrous athletic literary inventor of Sherlock Holmes Their lives meet for less than a year when Doyle comes across Edalji s case one which can only be described as a grave miscarriage of justice and does everything in Until Again his power to right George s wronged nameThis is the first time Iave read a book by Julian Barnes and I m very impressed This was meticulously researched and beautifully written He brought out the characters fairly without being overly sentimental He was uite thorough beginning at childhood for both the main characters so it isn t until the Jesus Calling halfway point that Arthur and George finally meet While this provides richness to the story it also makes for a rather slow start to the bookIn addition to following the case whichighlights the racism experienced by an English man in Ebeles Favourite his own country there is going onere Stories of love and marriages and themes of religious belief including the controversial spiritism light the pages The contrast of George s small and umble life with Doyle s far reaching enigmatic one The power of rumour and suggestion I also was very interested in ow Doyle found real life sleuthing somehow deflating vs the way truth shows itself in satisfying drama in booksOther tidbits I savoured ACD felt embarrassed and punished by the character of The Quiet Front his famous detective guests at Sir Arthur s 2nd wedding featured literary luminaries such as Bram Stoker and JM Barrie Doyle investigated andelped to exonerate other wrongfully convicted people in Beading on a Loom his life and also played amateur sleuth in the 5 day disappearance of new mystery writer Agatha ChristieNot a fast page turner this is a rich and thoughtfulomage to Le but to their dismay Nights of the Round Table he appears to suspect George of being the letters' author Then someone starts slashingorses and livestock Again the police seem to suspect the shy aloof Birmingham solicitor He is arrested and on the flimsiest evidence sent to trial found guilty and sentenced to seven years' Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval hard labourArthur Conan Doyle famous as the creator of the world's greatest detective is mourningis first wife When Miss Gangster Meets Her Match having been chastely in love for ten years with the woman who was to becomeis second when Aliens Among Us heears about the Edjali case Incensed at this obvious miscarriage of justice e is galvanised into trying to clear George's nameWith a mixture of detailed research and vivid imagination Julian Barnes brings to life not just this long forgotten case but the inner lives of thes. Wo very differing people who ad a meaningful impact on each other s lives The eponymous Arthur is Arthur Conan Doyle who is living in Edinburgh George is the son of a Midlands vicar The novel is set in late Victorian Britain and follows the lives of both boys through to adulthood One follows Law the other Medicine One is a victim of a series of bizarre pranks neither s destiny is what it first appears to be For the first alf of the book they are unaware of each other s existence One experiences outrageous accusation the other unrivalled success One stands in the dock owing to a miscarriage of justice whilst the other as the success Croatie : Cte Adriatique, Dalmatie he desired but at a price What is believed to be true may not be true Faith ambition English reserveonour racism self recrimination and guilt all play a part George Edalji Jonathan Visits the White House has issues aboutis identity e is a Parsee living in genteel Victorian society How these two lives intertwine is intriguing and cleverly written but there are passages about the mutilation of orses which are relentlessly cruel and upsetting These may well be based on real life events The novel is pseudohistoricalThis novel Από τη Μήδεια στη Σταχτοπούτα, Η ιστορία του φαλλού has a uniue concept that of following the life story of a famous celebrated writer but giving eual weight to another person whose lifeistory as been celebrated writer but giving eual weight to another person whose life istory What Red Was has been forgotten I find reading about real life miscarriages of justice very disturbing particularly when they occur in a country with a well developed legal system in which the rule of law prevails They make interesting reading though and this account of an early 20th century miscarriage of justice is no exception It s made all the interesting by the involvement of the Arthur of the title Arthur Conan Doyle The story should be better known given its importance to the English legal system and therefore to legal systems based on the English systemWhile Arthur Conan Doyle needs no introduction I d noteard of the George of the title previously He is George Edalji an Anglo Indian solicitor and son of a clergyman The narrative in alternating chapters follows the lives of both men from childhood onwards It s a well written novel that in content although not in style reads like non fiction As far as I can gather from some cursory research on the interwebs Barnes got the Sweep of the Blade (Innkeeper Chronicles, history right Not much can be said about thatistory without going into spoilers Suffice to say the miscarriage of justice sees Edjali convicted or a crime Infernal Dictionary Deluxe Edition he didn t commit and Doyle involved in a campaign to exonerateim Those aspects of the narrative were uite enough to ensure that the lawyer in me remained interested However this is also in effect a biography of Conan Doyle I ve read my fair share of Sherlock Holmes stories but I m not a die Bent Over Screaming (Slave to the Desk Book 1) hard fan and I wouldn tave gone out of my way to read a conventional biography of their author There was a section in the middle of the book dealing if I remember correctly with Conan Doyle s marital woes that I found less then totally compelling but still interesting enough I ve not read Barnes before although I ve always meant to I liked Life by Committee his prose a lot I also liked the narrative structure the evocation of time and place and the manner in which the two central characters are developed However in this case it s the book for me rather than the author While I don t see myself racing off to read Barnes entire oeuvre I very much enjoyed reading this sample of it Anyone with an interest in the legal system will probablyave a similar reaction Revisited for the 2019 Mookse Madness tournamentA book I originally read for my Book Group in 2006 alongside re reading a number of Sherlock Holmes stories I would count myself as a Holmes fan Inner Factors That Control Outer Success 10 CDS having read all of the original adventures and short storiesThis novel tells two stories from childho. E two very different men The reader sees them both with stunning clarity and almost inhabits them as they face the vicissitudes of their lives whether in the dockearing a verdict of guilty or trying to live an The Keeper of the Jackalopes honourable life while desperately in love with another woman This is a novel in which the events of aundred years ago constantly set off contemporary echoes a novel about low crime and igh spirituality guilt and innocence identity nationality and race; about what we think what we believe and what we know Julian Barnes as long been recognised as one of Britain's most remarkable writers While those already familiar with The Language of Love his work will enjoy its elegance its wit its profound wisdom about theuman condition Arthur George will surely find The Perfect Bride for Mr. Darcy him an entirely new audience.