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D bounced on the show In real life Melina s breasts just jiggled Still given Rhys s response jiggling efinitely worked for him Really Melina Really I can t tell you the images that went through my mind when I read this Warped my fucking mind Over and above this in this very same scene they are playing the alphabet game cursing him when he refused to let her orgasm until she finished He laughed and pressed her hips The Berlin Airlift down controlling her movements and she almost panicked when she got to X Somehow she came up with xenerotica the act of getting turned on by strangers Then when she got to Z he reachedown and touched her where they were joined She came apart screaming zelophilia so loud she barely heard his own groans of pleasure He collapsed next to her struggling for breath Zelophilia he asked skeptically Sexual arousal from jealousy she breathed back This was justNo JUST NO CAN YOU UNDERSTAND WHY I WAS IN no Can you understand why I was in constant state of WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK Not even reading this at the very core of the earth would have made me think this scene was hotAnd if that wasn t enough of a mind warp I then had to figure out if Melina was insecure or a sex goddess because she bounces between these two personalities at lightning speed Confident sex goddess As she stared at him however a St. Solifer with Other Worthies and Unworthies devilish urge to push him even closer to the edge took control of her Insecure She always been reluctant to talk Passing the Police Recruit Assessment Process dirty in bed Confident sex goddess but now the urge wasriving her hard The first thing I m going to Illicit Desires (Illicit, do when you re tiedown is take you in my mouth she said softly He jerked in surprise and looked at her then clenched his jaw as he focused on the road again Insecure I I haven t had a lot of experience with it she confessed Because I ve never really liked it But with you I want to taste every inch of you Confident sex goddess Lock you in my mouth In my throat so you can never get away Which one is it I just Soul Drinker (Soul Drinkers, don t know sighI have a serious case of whiplash right now This was better than I thought it would be I love unreuited love and when it s on both sides it souble the pleasure I love that we got the prologue of these two when they were young I loved that Melina can tell the twins apart and that Max will never be than a friend to her I loved the girls night in and how Melina s BFF s get to ask Max to tutor her in the sack HA This book was funSure there was a bit of suspension of belief when Melina turned into Velma without her glasses on with that first encounter and Foxmask (Saga of the Light Isles, doesn t consciously realize she is in bed with Rhys but Rhys was soamn sexy I honestly And His Letters Grew Colder didn t care What I really liked about this was Melina not being the typical woman of size she had softness and curves and small breasts THANK YOU AUTHOR Not every bigger girl has huge ass boobs and that Rhys loves every fucking inch of her because of who she is AND because of her body He loves the whole package that is his Lady Bug and shows it over and over and holy hell over 255It wasn t great and it wasn t terrible it was just mehThere was nothing wrong with the characters and none of them could be considered scrappy ones In fact I love reading love stories where childhood friends become lovers Ion t know why I felt like there was something missing in the story and something about Rhys and Melina s relationship felt a bit off to me The problem was that the story itself Emasculating Her Husband didn t make much sense Besides Iidn t believe than half of what happened between themNot that I idn t enjoy

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book just that I t count the number of times I rolled my eyes while reading thisNear the end of the story where Rhys and Melina misunderstood each other I expected to see Rhys beg and grovel just to get her back Instead I found that view spoilershe got on a plane and flew to apologize to him at his show hide spoiler I received this book from Netgalley for my honest reviewI was pleasantly surprised by this cute romance And by cute I on t mean all lovey Honeys Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs dovey and full of sweetness This book was actually uite steamy but with a good solid love story in there to help it along Melina has been friends with twins Rhys and Max her whole life and a crush on Rhys for the same amount of time Rhys also liked Melina but an incident in there teens left there friendship ShakySince then Melina has been with a few men but has felt nothing and her boyfriends have left her feeling inadeuate She asks Max for a favour teach her how to please a manKnowing how the pair feel about each other Max says yes but sends Rhys in his placeI enjoyed this uick story It was really easy to read with enjoyable characters that had me rooting for their happily ever after A sexy sweet read perfect for a rainyay afternoo. Rtified that she threw herself at Rhys that she blurts out the truth about her tutoring experiment Not about to let her get away from him Rhys convinces Melina that when it comes to sexual lessons he's than man enough for the job His biggest challenge is teaching Melina that when it comes to pleasure the key to his own is hersCan a woman who's always longed for hearth and home find satisfaction with a man whose entire life has been about moving on to the next big thin. ,

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This Magic MomentThis book was escribed to me as like The Prestige but with sex This was technically accurate as the story is partly about how hard it was technically accurate as the story is partly about how hard it to be in a relationship withas a magician and also spoilers for The Prestige follow view spoilerthe magician in uestion is an identical twin hide spoiler This was a good romance Melina at age 14 meets the 16 y o Dalton twins Max and Rhys She loves Max like a brother but is in love with RhysAt age 27 Melina still loves Rhys She has had several affairs which have all ended with a blow to her self esteem She feels she oesn t have the sexiness to hold onto a lover Melina and her BFFs concoct a plan in which she will ask Max to spend a weekend tutoring her in sex and passionOf course Max knows Melina loves Rhys and plans on getting Rhys into the bedroom in his placeWhat follows is two Real-Life BPMN days steeped in sexI usually To be fair I only read the book because I m coming to the end of the month and I hadn t gotten a book from the Lending LibraryI rarely cryuring a book Even so because of a HEA I think the last time I truly cried reading was A Walk to Remember but who can really blame anyone That book was ridiculous with her A Collection of Previously Banned Victorian Erotica, DELUXE EDITION dying But this book was a fantastic fast read Tears actual tears fell from my eyes with a mixture of a sniffle There were times where my heart felt like it was wrenching in warmth passion and sometimes even anger And pleaseon t even get me started about the other heightened emotions affecting other parts of my beingI ve been The Obvious debating giving it 4 or 5 stars Mostly I m not too crazy about stories that all get wrapped in with a big red bow Personally Ion t find it realistic Yes people find their happy endings and I appreciated that the author made a note indicating that you can t have it all but you can compromise to have the best of everything I idn t connect to the characters all that must but I connected to their relationship Reading it felt like watching one of those happy go lucky Lifetime or Hallmark movies with a lot heat and sexy mixed in And I m really glad the characters are realistic in their lifestyles No one is crazy rich or over the top gorgeous The female character is 28 with a curvy figure not a 23 year old I m real sexy but pretend not to know The male although has the whole 6 pack working for him oesn t sound like the pedestal God like creatures some of these books create in their male protagonistsI say read it knowing it has a happy ever after ending accept it for the heat but engulf yourself in the emotions you may feel Oh I ALSO LIKE THAT YOU CAN READ IT AS also like that you can read it as stand alone That s nice 35 starsThis book was provided Through Netgalley in exchange for my honest reviewMelina Parker has known the famous Magicians the Dalton twins Max and Rhys since they were children Melina has been close to both brothers but always had a crush on Rhys She embarks on improving her sex life after being told by her previous boyfriends that she is rubbish in bed So Red Shines The Sun deciding on asking Max to teach her what too Max tricks Rhys to take his place and this is when the book starts to pick up However for me I id not really connect with Melina and Rhys Felt the storyline was a little predictable and would have liked things to be spicer betweent he two charactersOverall a uick easy read This Magic Moment is realistic steamy and passionate story one that I really enjoyed I was very impressed with the passion Virna DePaul adds in her book I really liked the realistic feel the author adds between these two they start out as teens and in one moment things change Only To Get Another Chance to get another chance in life But when Rays and Melina finally gets that chance they have to learn to stay together Just because these two finally gets hot in between the sheet one night that oesn t mean things are hooky A World Without Clothes dory oh no that is far from the truth you ll have to read to find out why Oh yea I need to mention there s some hot bondage in here but there is a twist Rays is the one bandaged wicked grin I recommend this to any erotic romance reader which likes a steamy romance I hope the other brother Max will have a story for me to readTeaser Becauseespite what you obviously think men are complicated Pleasure iscomplicated It s not just a matter of telling someone what I like It s about you figuring it out Reading the signs Learning to trust your instincts And then acting even though it makes you uncomfortable Because you know that in the end the pleasure s going to be worth it So last night I was looking for what to read next and I picked this one a bit randomly on my KindleAnd oh boy Sex, Purity, and the Longings of a Girls Heart did it was a pleasant surprise I was immediately hooked in the story and ended up reading it in one set. Melina Parker has always excelled in two things research followed by hands on application She prides herself on being a lady in public but after she'sumped yet again for being a lady in the bedroom she's ready to go back to schoolDetermined to find her inner sex iva she enlists her childhood friend Max Dalton to tutor her after hours Instead she ends up in the wrong bed and gets a lesson in passion from Max's twin brother Rhys Dalton a man Melina's always secretly.

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TingOh my so much glorious angst I know I must be such a masochist reader but I can t help but be The Heart of Cool drawn to stories like thisunreuited love love someone behind closeoors well maybe I m just projecting and seeing to much of myself in these stories Anyway this is Melina story and how she Minotaur Lust decided too something to not be awful in bed Now why A Game of Unchance does she thinks that Her jerk andouchebag ex told her she was like a stiff board beneath him no passion feels infuriatedSo one night talking with her friends and with alcohol in the mix it was settled she was in need for some lessons She is a women of science and she The Undead: Organ Harvesting, the Ice-Water Test, Beating Heart Cadavers--How Medicine Is Blurring the Line Between Life and Death - Kindle edition by Dick Teresi. Politics Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @ does know that practice makes perfectahaAnd well she could only ask something like that to Max her childhood friend She couldn t ask Rhys Max s twin since she have loved him her whole lifeThis is the thing since she loved Rhys she always felt awkward and uncomfortable around him while at the same time glowing for being near him because she thought no way he could love her back and so no way he could know she loved him So with Max she was always at ease laughing and teasing himWhat sheidn t know was that Rhys loved her too and pained to see how she behaved ifferently when she was with him and when she was with MaxAre you feeling the angst now Gosh and it only gets worse when some misunderstandings go between them and they rift apartSo Max know exactly how these two feels about each other so he arranges a case of mistaken identitydo you see where this is going DNow the next morning when Melina realizes it was not a vivid fantasy and that she had spent the night with Rhys her first reaction is to flee but not that Rhys had finally been with her he won t let go that easy He have a weekend to continue his lessons and secretly wishing he can have her in his life The perfect blend of sweet angst hotness and love I just loved this storyIt had great characters with such The Way of Wizardry (Dragon Warriors RPG different jobs he is a magician and she is an entomologist but still uite right for each other not without compromising of both partsNow Io want to read Max s story This book was frustrating There were times I wanted to scratch my eyeballs out because I thought it would be less painful My brain hated my eyes for reading itSo let s start with the plot It s in the title bedding the wrong brother A little weird maybe a little clich But just the concept had me intrigued I was like Okay let s see how this plays out The beginning was fine a little irritating but ok The characters lacked The Bellringers Bedside Companion depth The story telling was bland At the end of the book Iidn t know anything about the characters except for their professions or why they loved each other Dialogue was fucking BAD Rhys is like every other alpha male Blah fucking BAD Rhys is like every other alpha male Blah blah But this book could have still been a three star for me because sadly I am a hopeless romantic who loves clich stories if it wasn t for MelinaThe biggest problem for me was Melina s insecurity In the Petty Olympics this chick is a gold medallist for MelinaThe biggest problem for me was Melina s insecurity In the Petty Olympics this chick is a gold medallist woman has insecurities Most of us obsess about our weight but for the love of God 50 Years of Documenta 1955-2005 did we have to hear about how fat and unattractive she is every second paragraph It s annoying She goes on and on and on and on and on white bikini and on and on and on and on I m not a bikini wearing girl and on and on and on about it After reading seven pages of her obsessing over this white bikini I kid you NOT which she never wore I got to the point where I was like ALRIGHT already I get it You re fat and unattractive Ion t even understand why Rhys is attracted to you Shit like that warps my fucking mind because it happened so much that I started seeing her as fat and ugly so when it moves to Rhys s point of view and he thinks she s sexy I m saying No She s not She s fat and ugly I couldn t believe his attraction to her because of how badly she Make Ink: A Foragers Guide to Natural Inkmaking described herself It was painfully engraved into my mind Now before I offend anyone let me just clarify something A woman s body is beautiful no matter how big or small you are Youon t have to be skinny to be sexy If a woman is big boned and she owns that shit it s sexy Look at ueen Latifa she s totally hot right Case and point But Melina s insecurity bothered me to whole new level of WTF And like I said if this happened a few times it would have been fine relatable even but I had to endure shit like this the whole book Part of her never wanted him to stop saying those words so she pushed herself to Clandestino: In Search of Manu Chao do things she never been comfortable with First remembering a scene from Sex and the City she straddled him With her back arched and her hands raised above her head she rode him so fast and so hard that her breasts bounced Well not uite Samantha s breasts ha. Wanted but never thought she could have Despite craving the occasional adventure Melina's a small town girl who wants roots and a family Rhys and Max on the other hand are celebrities who travel from one city to another changing bed partners as easily as plane flights Rhys is outwardly the reserved of the two but unable to believe his good luck when he finds Melina waiting for him he gives Melina her first taste of multiples right out the gate Come morning she's so mo.