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Ok Heartbreaking hilarious infuriating and wonderful I m giving it 5 out of 5 stars and telling you with an aggressive amount of passion to read it as soon as you re able Tell all your friends I said to read it tell your family I said to read it and then read it again yourselfThanks for stopping byPS Don t forget the tissues Must read book and I am German white grown up recommending you a YA novel heavily in with the US centred Black Lives Matters movement issues we rather hear about on TV whenever there is a major riot or shootingWhy The book is great it gets you BOTH to understand better and to think about matters Matters Racism society friendship family loyalty fear bravery Well as I said I am a white German the situation IS obviously different Germany does not have that black history does limitate the possession of weapons has ducation mostly for freeRacism in general tends to show up its ugly face in about The Mount Shasta Mission every place in the world let s say different variations same sh Germany may not have areas like Garden Heights but some of the municipal areas have developed no go areas and uarters with mostlythnical settlement here too often combined with unemploymency and poverty although not black anyway being stigmatized for where you live is the same and no good ither So no book on them way to close to us So yes the situation IS different and you learn about racism specifically in its US version Still there are those other matters Society friendship family loyalty fear bravery Confront that with your local brand of racism and you will asily get why I got hooked and you will probably Greenwich easily re position the story to your own place Down to core Starr is just a teenage girl with a boy friend siblings loving parents girls she hangs around with hobbies school She s not cool in her hood she is cool with the white kids for being one of the few black kids at a mostly white better school She witnesses what no kid should see death Violently Of someone close Khalil who gets shot by a copAnd here comes what I found great about author Angie Thomas writing she makes you stand in other persons shoes I admit I DID take sides and shift and shift and shift I did feel like hey why did Khalil have to ask Starr whether she felt safe rather than not move when the cop told him or why did he have to get involved with drug dealers I DID put the blame on the victim He did not shoot at the officer and was shot in the back He did not threaten the officer and was shot in the back three times He did not have a gun on him He was not out dealing or stopped for dealing just stopped for driving Reconsider Same on how often do we all laugh at stupid snide remarks for someone being too old too big toowhatever Only kidding No harm meant That s the problem We let people say stuff and they say it so much that it becomes okay to them and normal for us What s the point of having a voice if you re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn t be Sometimes you can doverything right and things will still go wrong The key is to never stop doing right p 154See for yourself The book is a great captivating read It most automatically will make you discuss about it I do sincerely hope many students will read it in school For the German mother tongue Mostly the language is asy to understand despite of some portion of slang Starr is slang at home and rather does not want to be associated with slang at school So prepare for just some few words to look up not many like dope for cool You ll be up to date Serious 6 stars out of 5 and fun anger sympathy understanding shock laughter Starr Carter a black American teenager leads something of a double life She lives with her parents brother Sekani and half brother Seven in a poor black neighbourhood Garden Heights where gang membership drug dealing and shootings are rife But very day 16 year old Starr makes a 45 minute journey to a private school in a predominantly white affluent suburb where she has almost no black friends The issue is not that she can t fit in there she has plenty of mostly white friends and a steady relationship with her white boyfriend but rather that she s acutely aware that she s constantly modifying her behaviour in order to do so Her wealthy friends don t come to her house in the ghetto for sleepovers She speaks differently at school And although she can recite the Black Panthers Ten Point Programme off by heart she s reluctant to be seen as the angry black girl One Your Name Here evening Starr gets a lift home from a Garden Heights party from her childhood best friend Khalil When their car is pulled over by a white police officer Starr is instantly fearful and she s right to be The officer shoots Khalil dead and Starr is the only witness The relative stability of her life is shattered both at home and at school and the implications of Khalil s death and Starr s testimony against the police have an alarming rippleffect as tension mounts and danger buildsThis is a powerfully honest and important book seemingly inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement It has Starr s strong and distinctive voice bright perceptive and funny at its heart and a vivid cast of characters who feel real and credible from their very first appearances on the pageThere are few absolutes here you ll be hard pushed to find a character who is 100% saint or sinner and motives and circumstances are often complicated Starr S Uncle Carlos For s Uncle Carlos for also happens to be a cop her father Maverick who now runs a successful grocery store is a former gang member The Hate U Give raises many uestions some of them uncomfortable and it s rightly uncompromising in its portrayal of racism whether it s outright victimisation institutional prejudice or casual assumptionsThe Hate U Give is aimed primarily at teenagers and I d make it compulsory reading in schools personally but it s Mate Me [If You May] (The Millennium Wolves, every bit as thought provoking and absorbing for adults it s a remarkably detailedxploration of the black working class xperience in the US This book made me angry and it made me sad and if you re a white person like me and you feel neither of those things when you read this book you really ought to take a long hard look at yourself but it also left me feeling hopeful that the future is in the hands of activists as smart brave and passionate as Starr There are some important and powerful moments here like teaching African American children how to behave in front here like teaching African American children how to behave in front the police

and having them 
having them parts of the Black Panthers Ten Point Plan Valuable real shocking warm But there s also a lot of hand wringing over what to wear to prom and the best way to respond to a Tumblr postI know I m not the target audience but I still want to believe that you shouldn t have to try so hard to reach them Still there s much to praise here ven if Starr s parents send her straight back to school the day after witnessing a murder when she is clearly A Fairly Honourable Defeat exhibiting symptoms of PTSD I just wish the author had trusted that her teen readers don t need things hammered home with soap opera tropes in order to get the poin. Ngbanger Protesters are taking to the streets in Khalils name Some cops and the local drug lord try to intimidate Starr and her family Whatveryone wants to know is what really went down that night And the only person alive who can answer that is Starr But what Starr doesor does notsay could upend her community It could also ndanger her lifeWantof Garden Heights Catch Maverick and Sevens story inConcrete Rose Angie Thomas's powerful preuel toThe Hate U Gi.

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Ch muss sagen dass The Hate u give in sehr aussagekr ftiges Meisterwerk von Angie Thomas istEs begeistert fasziniert und fesseltMan begleitet Starr in Momenten von Trauer und Mut Mut den Mund aufzumachenBrave doesn t mean you re not scared Starrshe says It means you go on Slavery Reborn even though you re scared And you re doing that ZITATAuch der Humor kommt in diesem Buch nicht zu kurzDon t call me that Especially since She Who Must Not Be Named gave me that nickname Dame She Voldemorted HaileyZITATDer Schreibstil sowie dienglische Sprache sind leicht verst ndlich der Slang lockert die Geschichte auf und macht diese noch authentischerDas Einband des Buches ist perfekt Besser k nnten Story und Cover nicht harmonierenEin Buch das in allen Medien kreist und dies zurecht Ich You Can Make Anything Sad empfehle dieses Buch weiter denns nicht gelesen zu haben ist definitiv Life Leverage eine gro Lesel cke Defnitv f r mich bis jetzt schon Bulbophyllums; the Incomplete Guide, From A to WHY? ein Jahreslesehighlight If you read just one book this year please make it this one I know I m not the first to rave about it but believe the hyp Ich sah das Cover ich las den Klappentext und ich musstes mir infach besorgen Denn wer hat nicht die schrecklichen Nachrichten rund um die Polizeigewalt gegenber Schwarzen in Amerika verfolgt jngst hat die Aktion BlackLivesMatter fr Aufsehen gesorgt und sogar groe US Weltstars zu inem politischen Statement hinreien lassen Eine sehr aktuelle Thematik also groartig dass s dazu schon in Buch gibt und zwar was fr Its a Lat Lat Lat Lat World einsStarr lebt in zwei vllig voneinander unterschiedlichen Welten Wenn sie bei ihrem Papa im Laden arbeitet dann ist sie die Starr die Slang spricht Ausdrcke verwendet und das taffe junge Mdel raushngen lsst und die gleichzeitig niemand bemerkt Doch wenn sie ihre Schule ininem besseren Viertel der Stadt besucht ist sie The Infinite Air eine vllig andere Hier achtet sie auf das was sie sagt trgt ihre teuren Markenschuhe und taucht im Tummel der Schler unter und fllt dennoch aufgrund ihrer Coolness auf Die beiden Welten scheinen aufeinander zu prallen als ininer turbulenten Nacht Starrs bester Freund aus Kindergartentagen von The Spill einem Polizisten vllig ohne Grundrschossen wird Das Leben des Teenagers verndert sich komplett und Starr stellt sich immer wieder die Frage Passen ihre beiden Welten zusammen oder ist das von vornherein zum Scheitern verurteiltIch kann gar nicht genug beschreiben wie groartig dieses Buch ist So Pandoras Planet ehrlich so authentisch so glaubwrdig ab derrsten Seite war ich mitten drin in der Geschichte und fhlte sofort mit Starr mit Dabei ist die Autorin wirklich schonungslos und geht bewusst dahin wo Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? es weh tut nur um den Leser zum Nachdenken zu bringen und wichtige Impulse zu geben die zuiner wirklich tiefgrndigen Reflexion fhren Selten hat mich How To Win At Casino Gambling ein Buch sorgriffen und dazu motiviert Dinge nachzuschlagen sie zu definieren hinterfragen und mich letztendlich mit genau den Fragen zu beschftigen die das Buch stellt Ist das was passiert ist tatschlich Realitt Ja Leider Wie fhlen sich Betroffene in Training the Help (Hedon Falls einer solchen Situation Was macht das Geschehene mit mir Und was ist mein Urteil Welche Rolle spielt die Presse Wie wichtig sind Organisationen fr Betroffene Und sind Aufstnde wirklich nur sinnlos oderrfllen sie When Not to Build einen tieferen Zweck Fragen die das Buch stellt sie vielleicht nicht immer beantwortet aber definitiv tiefgrndigrrtertUnd das tut s nicht irgendwie sondern fr Jugendliche zugnglich und sehr leicht zu durchsteigen Die Charaktere sind so nah am aktuellen Zeitgeist greifen beispielsweise moderne Formulierungen auf nennen aktuelle Musikstcke oder alte Evergreens die heute noch bekannt sind und schafft somit nicht nur ine Bindung zum Leser sondern gibt auch inen tollen Einblick in die Kultur des Ghettos in dem Starr lebt Darber Hinaus Sind Die Figuren Sehr sind die Figuren sehr was ine Auseinandersetzung aus verschiedenen Blickwinkeln An Eye for an Eye ermglicht und auch unterschiedliche Zugnge schafft Chris Starrs weier und reicher Freund denkt und verhlt sich beispielsweise anders als Starrs Stiefschwester Kenya die selbst im Ghetto lebt und deren Vater DER Drogenboss schlechthin ist Ja man mag vielleicht nicht jede Figur aber doch ist jede auf ihre Weie bedeutend und genau das machte die Geschichte spannend und interessant Ob ichs als klischeebehaftet Still Side by Side empfunden habe Nein denns wird deutlich dass das in mglicher Alltag empfunden habe Nein denn s wird deutlich dass das Four Word Film Reviews ein mglicher Alltaginem solchen Viertel ist dennoch zeigt die Autorin Dinge auf ber die so schon berichtet wurde gewhrt aber auch sehr persnliche Einblicke die aus ihrer Keep Calm, Alice Is Here Affirmations Workbook Positive Affirmations Workbook Includes eigenen Erfahrung stammenDoch der wichtigste Aspekt mussrst noch genannt werden Die Thematik Wie oben bereits geschrieben ist diese brandaktuell und macht sie deshalb umso wichtiger Das Buch schafft Crystal Decoder einen klaren Rahmen auch wennr natrlich bei der Menge gar nicht alle geschichtlich relevanten Fakten rund um die Diskriminierung Schwarzer in den USA verarbeiten kann dennoch bringt You Owe Me One erinige Entwicklungen klar zur Sprache und bietet somit zumindest Debbie Browns Dream Wedding Cakes eine Einfhrung in die Thematik Ab hier muss man dann als Leser selbst aktiv werden und Personen wie Martin Luther King Malcom X oder das Konzept des Black Jesus recherchieren Und genau das ist das wirklich gut gemachte an diesem Buch Es zwingtinen durch mehrmaliges Erwhnen dieser Schlsselfiguren undoder Konzepte diesen auf den Grund zu gehen obwohl man die Second Son (Jack Reacher, eigentliche Geschichte natrlich auch verstehen wrde wenn man diese Dinge nicht nachschaut Trotzdem macht mans weil man die Story in ihrer ganzen Flle United States of Americana erschlieen mchte zumindest war das bei mir soZum Schluss nochin paar Gedanken zur Sprache Ich habe die Geschichte in Englisch gelesen und die wichtigsten Kapitel also den Groteil denn The Thermals of August es gibt kaumin Kapitel das nicht zur Geschichte beitrgt auf Deutsch gerereadet Ich muss sagen Ich bin froh dass ich sie in Englisch gelesen habe denn dadurch wirkt die Geschichte Natives: Race and Class in the Ruins of Empire - The Sunday Times Bestseller einfach nochmal authentischer Die Ausdrcke Formulierungen Konzepte der Slang das alles kommtrst so richtig zum Tragen wenn man The Perfect Child es in der Originalsprache liest Dennoch mchte ich anmerken dass ich die deutsche bersetzung als gelungen ansehe denn sie versucht die Unterschiede zwischen den beiden Starrs die auch vllig anders reden deutlich zu machen ja sie ist natrlich beschrnkt denn genauso kann mans nicht auf Deutsch bersetzen dennoch ist sie passend und hat zumindest Lost Horizon einen Hauch des Originals auch wenns fr Hater von Anglizismen True Prosperity ein Graus seinen drfte ininem deutschen Werk die Ausdrcke boyfriend und girlfriend zu lesen Wer also die Wahl hat sollte zur Thing He Loves englischen Ausgabe greifen diejenigen dies sich nicht trauen machen aber mit der deutschen auch nichts falsch hinzu kommt noch dass ich das deutsche Printexemplar als sehr viel hocherwertiger Dr. Witchs Animal Hospital empfinde als dasnglische PendantMein FazitWas soll ich sagen Groartige Charaktere wichtige Thematik Search Marketing Strategies eine authentische Sprache undine grandiose Umsetzung was will man mehr Dieses Buch sollte uasi in jeder Schule gelesen von jedem Buchfan verschlungen und von jedem Menschen inhaliert werden Ich war verzweifelt habe geweint gelacht und mitgerappt und war zur selben Zeit vllig verliebt in inzelne Ch. 8 starred reviews · Goodreads Choice Awards Best of the Best · William C Morris Award Winner · National Book Award Longlist · Printz Honor Book · Coretta Scott King Honor Book ·#1 New York Times BestsellerAbsolutely riveting Jason ReynoldsStunning John GreenThis story is necessary This story is important Kirkus starred reviewHeartbreakingly topical Publishers Weekly starred reviewA marvel of verisimilitude Booklist starred reviewA powerful in your fac. Araktere wenn in Buch das schafft dann habe ich Programming in Swift es hier mitinem Meisterwerk zu tun Und genau das ist WordPress Absolute Beginners Guide es Noch viel mehr Es istines meiner Herzensbcher im Jahr 2017 und The Complete Guide To Associate And Affiliate Programs On The Net Turning Clicks Into Cash erhlt deshalb auchinen ganz besonderen Platz in meinem Bcherregal Achso und natrlich 5 Sterne Lest Girls Like Us es Liebts Und reflektiert Affiliate Marketing Then and Now es denn dann ists nicht nur The Invisible Presence ein Buch mit ganz viel Herz sondern auchins mit ganz viel Sinn Boy this book is front carriage of the hype train Having spent week after week on the New York Times Bestsellers list and being covered by 99% of the blogosphere I ve seen it EVERYWHERE It made me desperate to read it but also nervous that my Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Profits Right Now expectations were being built to such great heights I always feel that books receiving such hype tend to disappoint most of the time and I found that a tiny bit here I wasn t totally blown away as Ixpected That being said this was an amazing read on a topic that really needs far coverage than it gets and is very fresh in today s political climateThomas writes SO well I felt that I was reading from the perspective of a teenager and while it was hard to get my head around some of the common slang found in black culture and the common tropes it was an interesting insight into how gang warfare has come about and the true injustices that PoCs face The truth about white privilege and ignorance was hard to read of course But it needs to be in order for change to happen I loved the feeling of family that this book highlighted not just in Starr s home but in the whole community Te relationship between Starr s mother and father was a joy to read The idea of two worlds that Starr lives in is really clever too and seeing the personality changes and her awareness of that was both sad and Sticky Wisdom eye openingAs I said this book didn t totally bowl me over Some of the humour was good but some of it a little cheesy and I feel like Thomas took a lot of racial frustrations out on EVERY white character including Chris who was pretty much reduced to Am I allowed to say this I can say that too Please feel free to mock me how you like but do tell me if I m overstepping any lines It was interesting to recognise ignorance within the white characters though and realise that I have seen friends or have done some of those things myself Books like this will open minds and start discussions and for me this is what I want from a book The Hate U Give is without a doubt the number one most important novel that I ve read so far in 2018 and it s very unlikely that anything is gonna take its crown by the time December rolls to a close The realistic characters put together with the heart wrenching plot made it a fantastic read I found that if I wasn t laughing I was crying and if I wasn t crying I was seething Thomas sends readers on anmotional rollercoaster with this book and I absolutely do not regret jumping on for the ride I ve already agreed to borrow this to my older brother and my dad hoping that they ll Online Marketing enjoy it as much as I did I ll definitely be seeing the movie adaptation once it s released in the UK and I hope it does the book alongside the many families who unfortunately can relate to this text justiceOne of the biggest reasons Injoyed THUG so much was the Carter s family dynamic They re filled with so much love and care for one another that it brought the Spoiled entire story together To go through something so difficult at such a young age it s no surprise that Starrnds up struggling immensely with guilt and her sense of belonging Even though she doesn t know anybody who understands what she s going through the support she receives from her mother father and brothers was beyond beautiful to read They may have been strict and didn t at all hold back in asserting their role as her parents it s clear that their only concern was Starr s happiness and safetyIn addition to that was the character development We see the main character go from this teenage girl who feels like she has to have two personalities to fit into
the two different 
two different groups she belongs to to someone who becomes comfortable The Business of Family Business enough to allow all of their friends into their world completely and learns to be proud of who they are deep down It wasn t only Starr s personal journey that we get to witness though It was also her father her brother and her friend DeVante who by thend of the novel were all different to how they started To have a front seat in the story of their growth as individuals and as a group was amazingThe amount of stereotypes in the novel made me uestion it at first However I realized that they played a huge role in the story Yes Thomas portrays black characters as having their own dialect being drug dealers and basketball players their neighborhoods being incredibly violent and dangerous but none of this justifies the fact that the police officer murdered an unarmed child Khalil In real life the media and the system in general label black victims of racism with all these stereotypes and using them as reasons why they were targeted or seen as suspicious reasons why police officers who spend years training for how to react in volatile situations without nding a life panic out of fear I interpreted the author s inclusion of the stereotypes as a way to show that although this all may have been true in Khalil s case the police officer is still nothing and nothing less than a murdererIf it isn t obvious the book made me very very angry It got to the point sometimes where I had to put it down and take a break Something about me is that I get really invested in things that aren t real whether that be a novel or a TV show or a film or ven a news story that has nothing to do with me That same thing happened here Certain moments made me want to grab a bullhorn and scream at the top of my lungs others made me cry so hard I couldn t Kit de Formation Microsoft TCP/IP even see the page Starr s interview with the police the murderers father speaking out Hailey all these things had me reaching for a pencil and scribbling inappropriate words into the margins The Hate U Give made me feel A lot And I loved thatThere were some aspects of the novel which I appreciated but that others may be put off by One of these was the fact that none of the characters were perfect Every single one was flawed and the reason this only made me fallven in love with the story is that it s so realistic We re all human and we all have faults in our behaviors and beliefs so realistic We re all human and we all have faults in our behaviors and beliefs like the use of the stereotypes this only goes to show that no matter what murder is murder and murder is wrong The second thing that some readers may consider a deal breaker was the dialect The novel is written from Starr s perspective and she talks like the stereotypical Black American teenager Despite the fact that I myself am used to hearing people talk this way it was still a little strange getting through the first chapter as I ve never read the voice before However it was asy to get used to and ventually I didn t Binary Sound (Boston, even notice it The plot is so intense that the style of writing was like background noiseAll in all The Hate U Give was a wonderful bo. E novel Horn Book starred reviewSixteen year old Starr Carter moves between two worlds the poor neighborhood where she lives and the fancy suburban prep school she attends The uneasy balance between these worlds is shattered when Starr witnesses the fatal shooting of her childhood best friend Khalil at the hands of a police officer Khalil was unarmedSoon afterward his death is a national headline Some are calling him a thug maybeven a drug dealer and a ga. ,

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The Hate U Give

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